Sunday, March 24, 2013

Worrisome Undercurrents

I was excited to get this book from Bethany House to review. The story was a wonderful coming-of-age tale. It was fun to get to watch Errol, the town drunk transform into a hero of the kingdom. I really wanted to give this book more stars, but the undercurrents are so against what I believe that I could not.

Here is a list of worrisome undercurrents in no particular order.

1. There is a new savior/king for each generation.
2. The boundary that keeps evil from invading the land was purchased with the blood of a human not Eleison (who represents Jesus in the story).
3. Aurae (representing the Holy Spirt) is unknowable according to the "church" but certain herbwomen claim to communicate directly with him.
4. Errol's transformation does not come from a relationship with Deas (the God figure in the story)but through facing his past, getting to know himself, and self-discipline.
5. None of the main characters have a personal relationship with Deas or Eleison or Aurae. The main focus of the story is on tradition and ritual.
6. There is a yin/yang element to the story in Errol/Liam (a young man from his village).

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