Saturday, December 1, 2007

Praise God! We reached the Nov.goal!

I am so pleased to see the ticker past $2.o6 M when I woke up this morning. This was only possible because God is moving among those who fear him. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Good News from NH for Huckabee

Rasmussen has another poll out that has Mike Huckabee in a statistical tie for second in NH.

The new primary election poll shows a virtual three-way tie for second place between former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Arizona Senator John McCain at 15% and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee at 14%. For Giuliani and McCain, those figures are a very slight dip from earlier in the month while Huckabee has gained four more percentage points.

Whether Huckabee is simply enjoying fifteen minutes of fame or has become a serious contender for the Republican nomination remains to be seen, but his campaign is certainly enjoying the ride at the moment. In September, his long-shot campaign attracted just 4% of New Hampshire voters and even less support nationally. Now, in addition to his strong showing in New Hampshire, the bass-guitar playing candidate is a frontrunner in Iowa and essentially tied for second nationally.

I of course DO NOT think that this is Mike Huckabee's fifteen minutes of fame. He is definitely a major contender for the Republican nomination. I can't wait until January.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Chuck for Huck

This is a candid video of a luncheon where Chuck Norris is telling about how he came to endorse Mike Huckabee. Enjoy. It mentions the Harris Brothers and their website and their blog Both are very good in my opinion.

Act, Dream, Plan

Liberty University for Huckabee has a great post. Here is my favorite quote.

I thought to myself "Well if I want Mike to get elected, the only way that is going to happen is if people start doing something. It is going to be a great thing so somebody has to act, right now it is a dream, somebody has to start planning, somebody has to believe......I better get started" From then on I believed that Mike Huckabee could be the next president. From then on I started planning. I started dreaming of the day Mike took the oath in D.C.. From then on I put action to words. It wasn't only some random posters that inspired me to go all out for Mike, it wasn't a whim either. It was well thought out and prayed about. How can we as Americans say we are free when we retire and just lay our choices down on who the media portrays as having a chance. That is cowardice! That is ennoble! During World War Two when the chances of us winning were unclear, did we back down? When London was being blown to smithereens with no allies left standing, the last stronghold in Europe, did you see Churchill say "Oh well guys, I give up we don't really have that good of a chance of winning so there is no reason to fight." No you didn't, because the right thing to do, whether you have a chance or have no chance at all of tasting victory; is to fight on. Did the apostle Paul after being beaten and thrown out of city after city say "well, logically, we really have no chance of leading anyone to the Lord" Of course this did not happen. Because the Lord was and is, in charge. Paul knew that God defies mans logic. I know that God defies man's logic, just read the Bible, he made a point of making the last in this world first. So I took that to heart. I said "God, I hope you defy all mans logic and help this man of yours who, by mans logical reasoning, has no chance and get him in the white house. "

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Evidence Against Government Schools

I did a couple of posts recently about Bruce Shortt's book The Harsh Truth About Public Schools. One of the things that many parents think is that "those kinds of things" only happen at "other" schools. So here is a little eye-opener. There was an article today in World Net Daily talking about a one hundred or so students being withdrawn from a state's public schools. This exodus was due to the "Gender Bender" day (where girls were encouraged to dress as boys and boys were encouraged to dress as girls) that was offered as part of homecoming week. The state in question. Not California (that was last year). Not New York. Not Washington. No the state was Iowa. Yes, religiously/socially conservative Iowa where socially conservative Mike Huckabee is currently is polling 1st. Oh, but theses sorts of things aren't happening at your government school.

Huckabee Surges to 1st in Iowa

Rasmussen has a new poll out today. Mike Huckabee is ahead of Mitt Romney in Iowa!

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of the Iowa caucus finds former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee with 28% of the vote, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney with 25% support, and everyone else far behind.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Huckabee Surge Continues in Iowa, Florida, and Super Tuesday States

The Southern Political Report has an article about Gov. Huckabee's surge in Florida the past month.

November 27, 2007 — Mike Huckabee has moved into second place among Republican presidential hopefuls in Florida, according to a new InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion Research poll of likely voters in the Jan. 29 GOP Florida primary. The poll’s results serve to ratchet up the drama as the Republican candidates prepare to debate on CNN Wednesday night from St. Petersburg, and InsiderAdvantage and the Florida Chamber of Commerce prepare to conduct an unprecedented poll that will determine the winner of the debate. Here are the results of the pre-debate poll, conducted Sunday and Monday nights:

Question: “If the Florida Republican presidential primary election were held today, would you vote for…”

Rudy Giuliani (26%)
Mike Huckabee (17%)
John McCain (13%)
Mitt Romney (12%)
Fred Thompson (9%)
Ron Paul (3%)
Undecided (18%)

The poll was conducted Nov. 25 and 26 among 675 likely voters in the January Republican primary. It has a margin of error of about three-and-a-half percent.

According to Liberty University for Huckabee, poll taken last month by this same pollster showed these results.

Mike Huckabee did not even register, or they did see the small percentage points as enough to warrant a statement! So Mike Huckabee jumped from last place with a result to low worth posting to 17% and in second place.

This is just the latest in good news for Gov. Huckabee. According to Rasmussen, Mike Huckabee is tied for second in the 20 Super Tuesday states.

Then there are also the great polling numbers from Iowa. The latest poll has him in second place there with 24% close behind Romney's 28%.

UPDATE: Huckabee also wins the Oklahoma GOP Bedlam Bash Straw Poll. Check out the story on

Monday, November 26, 2007

Huckabee Blogger Conference Call

It was great to get to be in the conference call today with other Huckabee bloggers. Gov. Huckabee opened up by thanking the bloggers for keeping to the truth and facts and setting detractors straight. He also mentioned an article by a non-supporter saying that was a very effective, honest website. He thanked everyone for helpful suggestions such as PayPal and the ticker still being available.

The first question went to Kerry at One Mom. She asked about a 1999 bill that some critics say restricted homeschooling in AR. It was signed by Gov. Huckabee. Gov. Huckabee said that law was proposed by a homeschool parent in response to the legislature wanting to pass a bill that would have required lots of hurdles for homeschoolers. It was supported by the homeschool community in Arkansas. She has a much better summary her question here.

Michigan Redneck asked how the Fair Tax would affect hotel taxes. Gov. Huckabee said that hotel chains have corporate taxes to deal with now that are passed on to the customer via rates. Those would be removed and replaced with the consumption tax. He said that there was to be a second FairTax book coming out soon that would answer a lot more questions.

O Baby That's What I Like asked about preparedness for the web traffic that will be coming after a win in Iowa. Gov. Huckabee said that there were measures in the works and that the servers had been upgraded several times already. He also mentioned that there had been some hacker attacks on their servers which had be thwarted.

My question was next. I asked if Gov. Huckabee had heard of the movement to make a Constitutional Amendment to protect parent rights. He said that he was not aware of it, but would look into it. He also stated that he was definitely against the UN Rights of the Child Convention.

Bob Morrison asked if Gov. Huckabee planned to talk more about education on the campaign trail. Gov. Huckabee said that he does in person and has not been afforded the chance in any televised debate. He is hoping to get a chance to talk about education on the YouTube debate in Florida this Wednesday.

Jeff Fresno asked what the governor's strategy was for Michigan now that it is officially second in the nation primary. Gov. Huckabee said that the media darlings are still Iowa, NH, and SC because they are traditional. Therefor the campaign plans to spend a lot more time there than in Michigan. He is hoping that a strong grass roots organization will give him a boost in Michigan.

Give Hope Another Chance asked about the immigrant kids scholarship thing. Gov. Huckabee reiterated that it was for kids that had gone through at least gone through high school in AR, had a 3.2 or higher GPA, were citizens or were in the process, and were drug and alcohol free.

Michael from the Gazette said that some say Mike Huckabee is to much of a populist. Gov. Huckabee responded that he has not made money on being an insider on Wall Street or K Street. He said that he is for a strong country that has fairer, lower taxes and an economy that looks out for the little guys and the big guys.

Brooklyn Blessings said that she works with lots of Russian Jewish legal immigrants. Many of them feel discarded because of all of this anti-illegal immigrant talk. Gov. Huckabee said that he is all for legal immigration and thinks that there should be a more orderly system for those that want to immigrate legally. He also said that wanted our country to welcome immigrants and uphold the laws and secure the border. These ideas are not in opposition to one another.

Nathan Dunn suggested that a Club for Growth response be added to the truth squad page. He wanted to know what type of questions Gov. Huckabee is looking forward to at the YouTube debate on Wednesday. Gov. Huckabee said that he hoped they had more health care, education, and energy independence questions. He also said that the truth squad page was at high priority status and there would soon be new articles.

Well, that's my summary. I hope you enjoyed it.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Huckabee Tied for 2nd in Super Tuesday States

Rasmussen has done some polling in the 20 states that have their primaries/caucuses on Feb. 5th (this election cycle's Super Tuesday). Here is what they found.

Rudy Giuliani attracts 27% in the February 5 states and holds a double digit lead. Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thomson and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee are tied for second with 14% support. Arizona Senator John McCain is close behind at 11% while former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney earns the vote from 10% of Likely Primary Voters in these states.