Saturday, March 14, 2009

Free Creationist Magazine

The Institute for Creation Research publishes a monthly magazine called Acts and Facts. Each issue has various creationist articles. Some cover the research going on at ICR. Some cover other young-earth topics.

One of my favorite articles (Jan. 2009) was about the brilliant pediatric brain surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Carson. He is well known for his amazing surgeries like hemispherectomies and a 22-hour surgery to separate conjoined twins. Though he faces pressure to stand alongside Darwinian evolution, he has stood for creationism even in the midst of peers like those at the Academy of Achievement.

Some examples of articles in that same issue include: "The Wax That Taxes Darwin" (about the amazing properties of ear wax) and "Human Reproduction" (about the many factors necessary for fertilization to occur and how, "Evolutionary literature is rife with speculative stories about the origination of these processes, but devoid of any real scientific evidence to explain them."

I find each issue interesting and encourage you to sign up. I think that there is also a way to get a subscription for your church (to place in the information section that most churches have), but I think that you may have to call them for that.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Two Pro-life Issues

You probably already heard (from One Mom or others) about former Pres. Bill Clinton saying that embryonic stem cell research was on only "unfertilized embryos". I thought you might like to see it for yourself.

I don't know whether to think that he is lying (this seems more likely considering his past) or really that ignorant.

I also wanted to bring to your attention the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. From their website:
The Silent No More Awareness Campaign is an effort to make the public aware of the devastation abortion brings to women, men, and their families. Our hope is that the emotional and physical pain of abortion will no longer be shrouded in secrecy and silence, but rather exposed and healed. Believing that women deserve better than abortion we pray this effort will make abortion unthinkable as every culture develops ways to help women and men embrace their pre-born children.

I know that there are millions of women and men out there that have been hurt by abortion. If you are one and happen upon this blog, I encourage you to check out their website. They have resources on how to tell loved ones about a past abortion and a section of resources to get help with healing. I learned about this ministry because they are working in conjunction with 40 Days for Life.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Homeschooled Kids Ordered to Public School

WorldNetDaily had an article yesterday about a mother being forced to send her kids to public school via some divorce proceedings. This case is in North Carolina and represents exactly why we need the Parental Rights Amendment. The judge's reasons for this decision are almost word for word what you see in the UNCRC. "Mangum said he made the determination on his guiding principle, 'What's in the best interest of the minor children,' and conceded it was putting his judgment in place of the mother's. " It is not the government's job to decide what is in the "best interest" of kids. This was done despite the fact that the kids were all at or above grade level on all subjects. According to this blog covering this case, this is a direct quote from the court order:

"The children have thrived in homeschool for the past four years, but need the broader focus and socialization available to them in public school."

I certainly hope and pray that this decision is overturned. But even if it is, what heart-break for the mother. An unfaithful husband wants a divorce and wants his child support payments to be lower so she is forced to dump her kids into public school. I really feel for her.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Word of Promise The Gift of Psalms

Overall, I liked The Word of Promise The Gift of Psalms. I am reviewing it on two criteria: format and content.

This is a very elegant presentation. Th book has a nice solid feel and the CDs are tucked into the back cover of the book so they are easy to keep together.

As with most audio books, the reading was way too slow for my taste. I wanted to listen to it on 1.5 speed but for some reason Windows MP wouldn't allow it.

30 of the 50 psalms and devotional readings are read aloud on the CDs. I think it would have been better just to read all of the psalms without the devotional readings. I might have wanted to listen to it over and over then (even with the slow speed).

The content was good. There was variety in the psalms chosen. I thought some of the commentary didn't quite hit the mark, but most of it was very good. I did find a few spelling/grammar mistakes. (And I am terrible at such things.)

I think that this book CD combo would be a good gift for a new Christian since much of the commentary points to Christ.

It Took Me Long Enough

I promised to post pictures of the Dallas March for Life two months ago. I couldn't do it at the time because that part of my computer wasn't functional. Anyway, here they are.

All in all, a few thousand people marched from the Catholic church in downtown Dallas to the Federal Building where Roe v. Wade was filed. People that went last year said that the crowd was about double.

The kids were out with their families that day. This shirt said, "Who's missing?", on the front. It is encouraging to me to see the younger generation.

The march ended at the First Baptist Church with lunch. It was pleasant to sit and eat and chat with other participants. I look forward to doing this again next year.