Friday, February 29, 2008

Vaccines Linked to Autism

WorldNetDaily has a story about the recent ruling in "vaccine court". The ruling was made in favor of an autistic child. She developed autism after her 18-month well baby visit. She had received several shots some of which contained thermosil. Here are some clips from the article.

This case echoes the stories of thousands of children across the country," said NAA President Wendy Fournier. "With almost 5,000 similar cases pending in vaccine court, we are confident that this is just the first of many that will confirm what we have believed for so long – vaccines can and do cause children to regress into autism."

Fournier called on the Centers for Disease Control "to acknowledge that the current vaccine schedule is not safe for every child and as with the administration of any medicine, individual risks and susceptibilities must be considered for each patient."

The Department of Health and Human Services said its Division of Vaccine Injury Compensation, or DVIC, "has reviewed the scientific information concerning the allegation that vaccines cause autism and has found no credible evidence to support the claim. Accordingly, in every case under the Vaccine Act, DVIC has maintained the position that vaccines do not cause autism, and has never concluded in any case that autism was caused by vaccination."

Kirby said that for most affected families, the fine distinction between claiming that vaccines did not "cause" autism but instead aggravated a condition to "manifest" as autism is a fine distinction that is not so important.

While it's too early to tell, he said, "this concession could conceivably make it more difficult for some officials to continue insisting there is 'absolutely no link' between vaccines and autism."
It also puts the federal government's vaccine court defense strategy somewhat into jeopardy, he said.

"DOJ lawyers and witnesses have argued that autism is genetic, with no evidence to support an environmental component," he pointed out. "And, they insist, it's simply impossible to construct a chain of events linking immunizations to the disorder. Government officials may need to rethink their legal strategy, as well as their public relations campaigns, given their own slightly contradictory concession in this case."

The bottom line, he said, is that the public will demand to know what is going on inside the U.S. federal health establishment.

"The significance of this concession will unfortunately be fought over in the usual, vitriolic way – and I fully expect to be slammed for even raising these questions," Kirby writes. "Despite that, the language of this concession cannot be changed, or swept away."

The key words contained in the concession, he says, are "aggravated" and "manifested."
"Without the aggravation of the vaccines, it is uncertain that the manifestation would have occurred at all," Kirby argues.

"When a kid with peanut allergy eats a peanut and dies, we don't say 'his underlying metabolic condition was significantly aggravated to the extent of manifesting as an anaphylactic shock with features of death,'" he continues. "No, we say the peanut killed the poor boy. Remove the peanut from the equation, and he would still be with us today."

Whatever the government's further explanation, says Kirby, "they cannot change the fundamental facts of this extraordinary case: The United States government is compensating at least one child for vaccine injuries that resulted in a diagnosis of autism. And that is big news, no matter how you want to say it."

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Planned Parenthood Again Linked to Racism

FRC's Washington Update has a very revealing article today.

A shocking set of recordings was released this week that could prove disastrous for Planned Parenthood's ties with the African-American community. Lila Rose, a pro-life student and reporter at UCLA, launched an undercover investigation aimed at exposing the racism of the nation's largest abortion merchant. With the help of an actor, she contacted Planned Parenthood clinics in seven states, inquiring if they would be willing to accept a donation earmarked for the abortion of black babies. The results were jaw-dropping.

Rose was appalled to discover that every last clinic agreed. Not one employee objected or questioned the request, even when the actor insisted that the purpose was to "lower the number of black people" in America. When the caller phoned an Ohio branch, he was told that Planned Parenthood "will accept the money for whatever reason." Read the outrageous transcript from the Idaho clinic, which is also available with Rose's other recordings in a montage at

Actor: ...I really faced trouble with affirmative action, and I don't want my kids to be disadvantaged against black kids.

Planned Parenthood: Yes, absolutely.

Actor: And we don't, you know, we just think the less black kids out there the better.

Planned Parenthood: (Laughs) Understandable, understandable... This is the first time I've had a donor call and make this kind of request, so I'm excited and want to make sure I don't leave anything out.

Students at UCLA are so infuriated by the investigation that they are petitioning the university to cut all affiliation with Planned Parenthood. What few people realize is that the organization has a history of racism that has been ingrained since Planned Parenthood's earliest days, when founder Margaret Sanger advocated negative eugenics and spoke to a woman's branch of the KKK (Margaret Sanger, An Autobiography, 1938, p. 336-367). However, as is customary for Planned Parenthood, the organization has managed for decades to cover its tracks--and the facts. That task has just been made monumentally more difficult. Abortion has taken the innocent lives of over 14 million black children--a national tragedy that has begun uniting and mobilizing African-Americans across party, state, and financial lines.

Today, FRC hosted a press conference to kick off the National Black Pro-Life Gathering in Washington, D.C. which drew pastors, parents, leaders, and activists from across America to commemorate Black History Month by calling on abortion merchants like Planned Parenthood to stop preying on their community. As these abortion clinics continue to demonstrate that blood money is not colorblind, we call on Congress to de-fund and disavow Planned Parenthood. Taxpayers should not be forced to spend over $300 million on an organization whose scruples are for sale, even to those who seek racial genocide.

Additional Resources
YouTube videos: Planned Parenthood Racism Investigation

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

McCain-Feingold May Bite McCain in the Butt

Hat tip to for pointing this out. Read the whole thing here.

Assuming that it’s legal for Senator McCain to break his agreement with the FEC without permission (which it’s not), the man has two difficult choices. First, he can stay on the Ohio and Deleware ballots and probably win most of those delegates but be required to stay within the spending restraints set up by the FEC. Or, Senator McCain can hand those delegates over to Huckabee and hope to lock up the nomination further down the road.

If McCain loses both Texas and Ohio, he faces a serious risk of losing the nomination. If McCain wins at least Ohio, he’ll be more likely to lock up the nomination still, but he will be limited to spending about $50 million dollars between now and the GOP convention in September, which the party ironically moved back a month because they thought it would give them an edge in November.

Odds are, of course, John McCain will continue to violate Campaign Financing laws, some of which he wrote when he pushed McCain-Feingold. He’ll be on the Ohio Ballot and he’ll break his legal spending agreements because he figures he’s above the law.

Democrats really don’t care if he’s on the ballot or not. Their interest is in keeping McCain’s spending at a minimum by forcing him legally to comply to spending caps of the FEC.
Howard Dean and dozens of liberal lawyers are already hard at work seeing to it that McCain obeys the law.

Since the Huckabee campaign is trying to bury this, the only chance for justice will come from the Democratic Party. They’ve already put McCain’s application on their website. Click here to view it.

Page 6 explains that McCain’s name is on the ballot because he was accepting matching funds.

I personally hope the take McCain's name off of the Ohio ballot. I usually don't agree with the Dems., but here I am glad they are following up on this.

Trasgender and Homosexuality and YOUR Government School

I saw this first story several days ago, but didn't do anything with it because I was torn. Here is the story from OneNewsNow and then I will give my thoughts.

Pro-family activist Peter LaBarbera says the case of a second-grade boy in one Colorado school who wants to be identified as a girl shows that the country has normalized deviance.

Staff at a public school in Highlands Ranch are preparing to accommodate the second-grader, who wants to attend classes dressed as a girl and be addressed with a girl's name. The school will allow the boy to use a unisex bathroom, and they are giving parents packets of information on transgendered people.

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth, says the real victims of the supposed "diversity policy" are the young man's classmates. "If the parents are so misled to encourage their child in this gender-confused behavior, they should not be allowed to teach that same behavior to all the other students in the school," argues LaBarbera. "I think it's a terribly sad situation. This boy needs help, the parents need help, obviously."

The pro-family advocate says it is also troubling that the pro-homosexual group "Trans-Youth Family Advocates" has been working with the school district. He says such groups are "in the business of mainstreaming gender confusion" -- but somehow manage to work their way into the schools under the guise of being "consultants."

When I put myself in the position of the public school officials, I am not sure what I would do. I mean this child and his parents do need help, but that doesn't mean I could bar him from public school entry. I guess that I could have some sort of dress code that included no cross dressing and demand that he use the boys' room. I think that one of the many sad things this story illustrates is that in many ways the public school systems are bound by law and fear of law suits. The world view that they will teach and administrate from is enforced from the outside.

On a slightly different note, I got word today that a homosexual activist day called "Day of Silence" is coming to many schools. If you would like to find out more about it, go here. The link also has a list of schools that are participating. Don't be suprised if your "good" school is on there.

I went two years to a "bad" high school in liberal California. Then I went two years at a "good" high school in conservative West Texas. I can tell you from experience that the world views presented were the same. Even the education was not better at the "good" school. The main differences were external (newer building, grounds, etc.) and the kinds of social problems (gangs and pregnancy vs. prejudice/white supremacy and abortions).

All in all, one more reason to homeschool.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Texas for Huckabee

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