Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dirty Dozen

I received this today from FRC.

Yesterday, 12 Republicans, led by Rep. Mark Kirk (Ill.), quietly sent a letter to President Bush asking him to keep the current Title X regulations. The current rules bar pro-life groups from receiving Title X funds and allow groups like Planned Parenthood (PP) to use dollars to help keep their profitable abortion business viable. The existing Title X policy was put in place by President Clinton, who overturned President Reagan's regulations which protected taxpayer monies by separating the supposedly clean side of PP's business (PAP and breast cancer screening, HIV testing, etc.) from the abortion side. A large majority of Americans believe that the federal government should not be funding abortionists, yet that is exactly what President Clinton's regulations, which have been maintained by President George W. Bush, do. If this Dirty Dozen were really serious about protecting the supposedly legitimate side of PP, they would welcome new regulations to protect those efforts. In light of recent revelations that PP clinics across the nation have been involved in racism, defrauding taxpayers and complicit in the statutory rape of young girls, someone should ask these appeasers of abortion and bad government why they seek to shield potential criminal activity. If President Bush fails to act, our future President should. These changes are necessary to protect women and to protect PP from itself. Contact your congressmen if they appear in the following "Dirty Dozen" list and express your disappointment: Reps. Mark Kirk (Ill.), Christopher Shays (Conn.), Kay Granger (Texas), Jim Ramstad (Minn.), Charlie Dent (Pa.), Rodney Frelinghuysen (N.J.), Ralph Regula (Ohio), David Hobson (Ohio), Judy Biggert (Ill.), Mike Castle (Del.), Wayne Gilchrest (Md.) and Deborah Pryce (Ohio).

I will be contacting Kay Granger (yes my congresswoman is one of the dirty dozen) and telling her how disgusted I am. In a polite and civil way of course. If your congressman is on the list, let them know how you feel.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Where the Theory of Evolution Leads

Animal rights activists and leading experts in several biological fields including primatology and anthropology are joining forces to uphold a case going before an Austrian court which seeks a declaration of ‘human status’ for a 26 year old chimpanzee.

Evolutionary enthusiast and professor at University College London, Sommer claims, “It's untenable to talk of dividing humans and humanoid apes because there are no clear-cut criteria - neither biological, nor mental, nor social.”

Pro-life observers note the irony that chimps may be declared “human” while unborn real humans are denied legal human status and thereby over 50 million are killed each year, even up to full term. Infanticide is also common in certain nations and often not punished. In China, government agents carry out brutal killings of newborns of parents who were not authorized to have another child.

Well, what more can I say aside from, "God, help us."


I found this at and thought you would enjoy it.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Court Rules Against CPS Grab

The state appeals court said today that CPS was wrong to take 400+ children from the FLDS compound. The court said that the state failed to show the youngsters were in any immediate danger, the only grounds in Texas law for taking children from their parents without court action. Read the entire story here.

So I am Looking into the Noah Plan Curriculum

Generally I loathe curriculum. I am more of a free form person. But in cruising around the Nehemiah Institutes's webpage I found the school whose children had the most consistently Christian worldview. So I looked into the school and discovered that they used the Principle Approach/the Noah Plan. The more that I looked into this concept the more I liked it. So I might actually buy a whole curriculum this year. If you would like to find out more for yourself, go to If you have used this approach, I would love to hear your comments.

Virginia Judges California Judges

I received word today from Family Research Council that the Virginia Supreme Court has over turned that states partial-birth abortion ban.

And of course there is the ever-leftist California court system with its recent decision to rule in favor of "gay marriage".

This kind of thing makes me boiling mad. Just who do these judges think that they are. When are we going to wake up and start impeaching these punks?! There are actions we can take instead of just rolling over and playing dead.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Better with Parents

WorldNetDaily has a good article about the children of the polygamist cult here in Texas. I encourage you to read the whole thing. Here are my favorite quotes.

Question: What's worse for children than to have parents who are members of a polygamy cult?
Answer: To have the state for parents.

If these mothers are going to lose custody of their children as a result of that kind of sexual activity, what about the high percentages of teen pregnancies in our inner cities? Can we expect Texas and the other states soon to begin seizing millions of kids – both girls and boys in those families?

When I hear a government bureaucrat claim to be the parents of children he has never met, it sets me off.

If Texas authorities looked at certain neighborhoods in Houston and Dallas, they would likely find teen pregnancy rates at least as high as those in the FLDS compound. Why is it that the parents of those children are not being rounded up and their offspring being placed in foster care homes?
The answer is obvious: Because it would be wrong to do so.
If it is wrong in those neighborhoods, it is equally wrong in the FLDS neighborhood.

The article also raises some questions surrounding vaccinations and CPS. I encourage everyone to read the whole thing.

Yves Rossy

My husband first brought this to my attention and Kevin Tracy has some interesting commentary on it.

Eye Roll to Huckabee

Yahoo News has a story about Huckabee wanting to be McCain's VP. I am disappointed in him for this. Especially the part where he says that McCain was always his second choice (after himself).

Sunday, May 18, 2008

New to "Web Pages I Like"

I recently found some really cool ministries and added their links to the "Web Pages I Like" section of this blog.

The first one is Made in the Streets. Made in the Streets works with street children in Nairobi, Kenya. Here is part of the story of one of the young men. I heard about them from some friends who are doing a missions intern in Kenya. They were very impressed with this ministry.

The next is Mercy Ships. Cruise ships outfitted as hospitals sail the coasts of impoverished countries. The doctors on board remove facial tumors, perform eye surgeries, and most importanty give people hope in the name of Jesus. I heard of this ministry from a missionary to Benin. He saw first hand how these teams of doctors change people's lives.

Love in Action and Living Hope both deal with overcoming sexual sin. My mother-in-law works for Love in Action Memphis. She works as a counselor with wives of sex addicts and people struggling with same sex attraction. Living Hope deals specifically with overcoming same sex attraction.

And last, but not least, are New Song Ministry and New Friends New Life. These ministries help women come out of the darkness of sex work and into the light of Jesus.

So check them out, and if you feel called, get involved.