Thursday, September 4, 2008

Half-dead Truth or Alive Half-truth

If there were only two congregations in your town (neither being your preferred denomination), which would you choose?

The first one holds more closely to biblical truths but seems virtually dead. There is no growth numerically or any real desire for growth in spiritual maturity. The church-goers are content to be pew-warmers and the leadership is more concerned about parking lots than evangelism or discipleship. But the website and sermons state the truth and are biblically sound.

The second one holds at least one medium-size (not something major like Jesus sinned while on earth and not something minor like whether the worship should be traditional or contemporary) doctrinal error, but the church is evangelizing and discipling. It has grown significantly in the last few years because they have been reaching out to the community and preaching the Gospel. The people seem committed to spiritual growth.

So what would you choose? Or would you start your own little house church?

Monday, September 1, 2008

A Great BBC Clip on Education

I found this via Education Conversation who got it from somewhere else where there is a hat tip to yet another blog. Needless to say it originally came from BBC. I hope you enjoy it.