Saturday, June 6, 2009

400 Students Pray the Lord's Prayer in the Face of the ACLU

400 Students at Pace High School in Florida said the Lord's Prayer at their graduation ceremony in protest to the ACLU trying to prohibit any religious speech on their campus. Click here to watch a new report about the incident.

I like this story because it was student lead. I like this story because someone had the guts to tell the ACLU to eat dirt. I like this story because God is getting the glory.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Texas Proposed Legislation Gives CPS Free Reign

I encourage all Texans to read this post at Right in Texas. It brings to light something that got passed many of us because of the deceptive tactics of a few Democrats. (Read the post to see what I mean.) Now it has already been passed by the Texas House and Senate and is waiting for Governor Perry's approval.

The bill is SB 1440 and I urge all of you to ask the governor to veto this bill. This bill gives unprecedented power to CPS. With it, they would have the power to take your kids against your will without telling you or getting a court order. I know that CPS has a hard job and sees many sad and terrifying things. But this is way overstepping what authority they should have. This is a serious infringement of parental rights and I hope that Gov. Perry has the guts to stop it.

It saddens me that bills like this one that would have no popular support get squeaked in by deception when bills like the ultrasound bill never get to the final vote despite widespread approval because of a few punk Democrats.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Protesting Women's Suffrage in One of Our National Excellence Schools

My brother sent me this video. I found it funny enough to share with you.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What if Public School Was Public Like the Library is Public?

The Fort Worth public library system is a really great resource for our family. The Summer Reading Program is especially cool. There are free programs with science, live animals, puppets, clowns, etc. all summer. The kids win prizes based on how much they read. Our kids strive every summer for the circus tickets. Like I said a great resource.

Now what if public school was public like the library is public? What if the public schools were free and anyone could sign up to participate in what ever programs suited their fancy? What if it wasn't compulsory? What if out-of-district people could take classes for a nominal fee? Schools could still get paid on a kids in class basis like they do now. What if the day was broken up into different segments (reading, math, etc) and your kids could go to what ever classes you signed them up for? What if your kid didn't have to be in all level one but could be in some level one and some level two based on their ability? What if grown-ups that wanted to brush up on algebra or biology could take the high school level class for a small fee? Just wondering.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Wacky Warnings

Though this and the other wacky warnings mentioned on are funny, the litigious nature of our society is not. You can find more information about law suit abuse at

Tiller the Baby Killer Shot in Church

When I saw the headlines about Dr. Killer's murder in a church, my first thought was, "He went to church?!!". Though I can't applaud the method by which he met his demise, I certainly don't feel sad that he is gone.