Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Noah for Children

Since I was in the adult class, I can't say exactly what was taught to the kids at my church's Summer Spectacular about Noah.  All I can go on is the decorations and the play that everyone attends.  Even based only on that there several errors and a little PC blather.

There were no dinosaurs on any of the arks accept for the one my kids and I decorated in the toddler hall.  As I was working on this the 9-year-old son of one of the Sunday School teachers told me I was doing it all wrong because everyone knows that the dinosaurs were all extinct long before Noah.  I tried to explain politely that I believed they were alive and on the ark.

The animals that were on the big ark display in the atrium included Dalmatians, poodles, and fresh water fish. 

It seems to me that while our Senior Minister of the Word was on target for accuracy (he even mentioned that there were no fish or poodles on the ark) the Children's Director obviously didn't think it was important.  Or maybe she doesn't agree with a young earth.  Or maybe she is ill-informed about the details of Noah's ark having been around the cartoon version of a tiny craft with animals poking their heads out of windows for so long.

It seems to me when something is as scoffed at as Noah's flood that we need to fill our kids heads with realistic images not cartoony goofiness.  I really appreciate Answers in Genesis and their newest project:  building a life-size replica of the ark completely out of wood.  The project is called Ark Encounter

When I showed my kids the graphic from the website, they were amazed at how huge the ark was compared to people.  I would love to take them to Ark Encounter in a few years.  I am sure the enormity of the ark will have even more impact in person.