Thursday, January 31, 2008

Go See Expelled the Movie

My husband and I just got to see the not yet released movie Expelled. It was the director's cut (meaning 85% finalized) and the producer was present. This movie is about academic freedom. It talked about how many scientists are fired, censored, etc. for dissenting on Darwinism. But the movie also goes deeper, and deals with the social issues that arise when cultures embrace Darwinism. It is a great conversation starter. I hope everyone will go see it when it comes out in April.

BTW, this is one more reason to support Huckabee. He hasn't bought into all of the Darwin bull corn and the social ills that arise from it.

Reasons Not to Vote for McCain

Here are several reasons why social conservatives should not vote for John McCain.

1. He is not strongly pro-life. Here is a quote from his website. I added the bold.

John McCain believes Roe v. Wade is a flawed decision that must be overturned, and as president he will nominate judges who understand that courts should not be in the business of legislating from the bench. Constitutional balance would be restored by the reversal of Roe v. Wade, returning the abortion question to the individual states.

So in other words, he is not in favor of a Right to Life Amendment. If California and NY and New Mexico want to keep killing babies, well he feels that is their right. To me this is not good enough.

2. He is for embryonic stem cell research. Here is a quote from

"It's very tough for those of us in the pro-life community," McCain told reporters. "I've come down on the side of support for embryonic stem cell research."

McCain told an audience that, after deep prayer and reflection on the issue, he decided to support the controversial science because of its potential to end diseases.

However, pro-life advocates point out that embryonic stem cell research has yet to cure any patients and has no therapies that are even in the trial stage. That's because it has had a host of problems in animals, such as immune system rejection issues.

On the other hand, the use of adult stem cells has already helped patients with more than 70 different diseases and conditions.

Embryonic stem cell research is not only going no where, but I believe it opens the doors to creating test tube babies solely for the purpose of destroying them.

3. He is at best a moderate on gay rights and at worst a liberal flip flopper. It seems that he is a federalist (states decide) on civil unions, but is against gay marriage. Or maybe he is for gay marriage after all if it is only a ceremony?

4. He doesn't have control of his tongue or temper. The internet is abuzz with the fact that Sen. McCain said, "I hate the gooks." Here is a quote from

When John McCain called his captors “Gooks” yesterday to the press, he may have meant to direct the comment to those individuals, but he offended millions of Asians across the board in the process. What would have happened if McCain were elected President and this had happened? Would he have apologize if the leaders of China, Japan, Vietnam, North Korea, and South Korea all demanded an apology? Afterall, Japan and South Korea are valuable US allies, but at the same time, our relations with China and Vietnam are lukewarm at best and we’re still technically at war with North Korea.

While John McCain’s experiences make him a great American hero, when it comes to foreign policy, I honestly believe he’s too short tempered and stubborn to be President. This incident only further piles on to the stack of evidence we have making that case against him.

I'll leave it to you to google McCain temper where I think you will find plenty of evidence.

In this Republican race to the White House, you are left with a flip flopping liar (Romney, see the video below), a social moderate with a temper (McCain, see above), or a social conservative that is great on lots of other issues too (Huckabee). I encourage everyone to vote for Huckabee on Feb. 5th or March 4th or whenever your primaries are.

One Nation Under gods?

The wave of hatred against God and his people (AKA Christians) that is spreading across this country are truly disturbing. WorldNetDaily has an article out today about a Hindu that has opened the U. S. Senate with a Hindu prayer and the protesters that spoke out against him. I was greatly encouraged by the protesters. Here are some quotes about them from the article.

When Zed appeared in Washington his performance was interrupted by three Christians who prayed aloud in the name of Jesus during his chant.

YouTube shows Zed preparing to pray when a clear, loud voice came from the U.S. Senate gallery.

"Lord Jesus, forgive us, Father, for allowing the prayer of the wicked, which is an abomination in your sight," said a protester.

The Senate's sergeant at arms was instructed to restore order, but Zed was interrupted again.
"You shall have no other gods before you. … "

Three people were arrested for disrupting the Senate. But WND columnist Judge Roy Moore noted that wasn't the end of the story.

He reported that Ante and Katherine Pavkovic and their daughter Christan were ordered to appear in District of Columbia Superior Court, where a team from his organization, the Foundation for Moral Law represented them.

"When their case was called on Sept. 11, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss all the charges against them. Their simple trust in God's grace had touched the hearts of not only the arresting officers – who commented on what a nice family they were – but also the tough government attorneys in the Washington, D.C., justice system," he wrote.

God, embolden us all to stand against the government where necessary to defend you and your people. Help us all to remember that you are King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Help us to remember that the scriptures commanding obedience to the government does not include going along with evil. Other wise the first Christians would have gladly said, "Caesar is Lord," and rationalized it by saying, "Well, we have to obey the government."

On to Super Tuesday

Now that Florida is behind us, the nation is moving on to Super Tuesday. I think that Mike Huckabee helped himself tremendously with his debate performance yesterday. Here is a great comment about it at

Finally was Mike Huckabee, who said that he had no idea which of the candidates Reagan would endorse, but “I endorse him.” As Huckabee spoke about the American principles that President Reagan stood for, the audience was visually blown away, including the former President’s widow, Nancy Reagan, who’s eyes looked like they were beginning to water up.

All of those establishment Republicans who have said that Mike Huckabee is the furthest thing from Reagan and that he would crush everything Reagan stood for if nominated were made fools of tonight as Huckabee proved his utmost respect for and understanding of President Reagan and everything he accomplished in the Republican Party and this country.

After the blood bath that ensued between Romney and McCain in the Reagan Library tonight, it’s hard not to be reminded a bit of Reagan’s 11th commandment after listening to Governor Huckabee’s answer.

It was a very touching and fitting way to end this debate.

If the Republicans in America are fooled into nominating Romney or McCain, we are in for 4 years of Hillary Clinton. I hope that last night debate will be the spark that starts a second Huckaboom.

Monday, January 28, 2008

NRTL's Second Choice

Now that National Right to Life's endorsed candidate has dropped out, they have released this statement.

National Right to Life is grateful for the strong pro-life record established by Mike Huckabee as governor of Arkansas, and recognizes that Governor Huckabee has taken the strongest pro-life position on all of the life issues of any of the remaining candidates for president.