Friday, February 8, 2008

The Crime of Being a Christian

The following is a article. This is the kind of thing that Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama would likely favor. Janet Folger predicted this kind of persecution in her book The Criminalization of Christianity.

B.C. Teacher Kempling May Lose Teaching License for Defending Christian BeliefsCited for "unbecoming" conduct for simply being candidate for Christian federal political party, amongst other charges

By John Jalsevac

QUESNEL, BC, February 6, 2008 ( - The last half a decade has not been easy on B.C. teacher, Chris Kempling.

In 2003 the soft-spoken educator was cited by the College of Teachers for professional misconduct, after he wrote in to a local newspaper outlining Christian teachings on homosexuality. After a hearing on the matter, Kempling was found guilty of the charges, and his teaching license was suspended for a month.

Kempling appealed that decision in the Canadian court system, all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. In the process he spent "well over" a hundred-thousand dollars in legal fees, he says. In the end, the Supreme Court denied his appeal.

And now Kempling has discovered that he is facing yet another citation from the College; and this time around, says Kempling, it is possible that he could lose his teaching license altogether.
During a telephone interview with LifeSiteNews today, Kempling sounded beleaguered and apprehensive. He told LifeSiteNews that he is "dismayed" by the most recent development in what has been an almost four-year-long, and extremely stressful and costly ordeal for both him and his family.

In an e-mail sent out this morning, Kempling told supporters that he received a letter informing him that he is being cited on numerous counts for conduct "unbecoming" of a teacher. One of the counts on which he has been cited, he says, is simply for being a candidate for the federal political party, the Christian Heritage Party.

"They have cited me for participating in a CBC radio interview where I quoted the Bible saying that homosexual behaviour is a barrier to salvation," he wrote, "for contributing an essay discussing the philosophical differences between social liberals and social conservatives (published in the Calgary Herald on December 29, 2003), for publishing a scholarly article in a German family journal on the topic of homosexuality, for offering orientation change therapy as part of my private counselling practice and mentioning this in a radio interview, and, incredibly, for 'knowing' that an article written by Christian Heritage Party leader Ron Gray in support of me was posted on the party's website."

"They also cited me for being 'the local representative of the Christian Heritage Party.' This is certainly true as I was the candidate for the CHP, Canada's sixth largest registered political party, in the last federal election in the Cariboo-Prince George riding (I came 5th out of 8 candidates.)"

"I'm dismayed," Kempling told LifeSiteNews today. "I'm dismayed that activities entirely outside of the scope of my job and which have engendered no reaction or complaint would result in an additional citation…I'm dismayed that their reach is extending so far into my private life, and overriding the very clear provisions in the Charter for political freedom and for freedom of speech."

What disturbs Kempling the most, he says, is how closely the College of Teachers must have been keeping tabs on him, especially to have found out such a detail as that he published an article in a German magazine.

"I'm expecting another suspension," he said about the possible results of the impending hearing, in which he will defend himself against the charges in the citation, "but they have said that the penalty could include the cancellation of my license."

Kempling expressed that if he were found guilty of the charges, he would be willing to appeal once again, although the legal fees would be extensive. "My current lawyer is supplied by the B.C. teachers Federation," he said, "but she has made it clear to me that if I wish to appeal I need to find other council. She has no interest in taking it beyond the current level."

"This is extremely distressing for me and my family, and I would welcome your prayers," Kempling wrote to his supporters this morning. He has also appealed for financial help, to assist with the mounting cost of legal fees.

"It appears that I may have to ask those who care about freedom to help me defend myself again. I am not afraid to face them, but please do not leave me like Uriah to face the enemy alone….I am happy, because I know my Christian brothers and sisters will stand with me as I face this trial yet again."

To contribute to Chris Kempling's legal defense, send donations to:
Christian Public School Teachers' Legal Defense Fund

c/o Mr. Jim Sagert, Trustee
798 Beaubien Avenue Quesnel, BC V2J 1A6

Differences Between Huckabee and McCain

K Street Mole has a great post about the two remaining candidates. Here is one difference I hadn't thought of.

Supply side tax cuts: McCain doesn't believe that lowering taxes helps the economy and ultimately boosts government revenue (opposed the Bush tax cuts); Huckabee supports pro-growth tax-cutting policies, recognizing they make the U.S. economy more competitive internationally and help create jobs.

I encourage you to go read the rest of it yourself.

I just got the FRC voter guide. Here are the differences between Mike Huckabee and John McCain according to them.

Bioethics/Stem Cells and Embryos
Mike Huckabee would not permit federal funds to be used for leftover embryos derived from in vitro fertilization or embryo destruction research. John McCain would.

Mike Huckabee would support a federal law prohibiting states from engaging in research in which a human embryo is destroyed. John McCain ?

Promoting Stronger Marriages
Mike Huckabee would support a U. S. constitutional amendment to define and Protect marriage as the union of one man and one woman. John McCain would not.

General Issues
Mike Huckabee supports legislative initiatives that emphasize border secutity. John McCain does not.

Dr. Dobson Endorses Mike Huckabee

I am endorsing Gov. Mike Huckabee for President of the United States today. My decision comes in the wake of my statement on Super Tuesday that I could not vote for Sen. John McCain, even if he goes on to win the Republican nomination. His record on the institution of the family and other conservative issues makes his candidacy a matter of conscience and concern for me.

That left two pro-family candidates whom I could support, but I was reluctant to choose between them. However, the decision by Gov. Mitt Romney to put his campaign "on hold" changes the political landscape. The remaining candidate for whom I could vote is Gov. Huckabee. His unwavering positions on the social issues, notably the institution of marriage, the importance of faith and the sanctity of human life, resonate deeply with me and with many others. That is why I will support Gov. Huckabee through the remaining primaries, and will vote for him in the general election if he should get the nomination. Obviously, the governor faces an uphill struggle, given the delegates already committed to Sen. McCain. Nevertheless, I believe he is our best remaining choice for President of the United States.

(NOTE: Dr. Dobson made these statements as a private citizen. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as a reflection of the opinions of Focus on the Family or Focus on the Family Action.)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mitt Romney Suspends Campaign

Mitt Romney has suspended his campaign as of today. To all of his supporters, I have a few words. If you are pro-life, consider Mike Huckabee. He is in favor of a national Human Life Amendment. His record as governor is 100% pro-life. In fact he was just endorsed by Kansas for Life. If you are pro-marriage, consider Mike Huckabee. He has been married one woman and plans to stay that way for life. He is no friend to the homosexual activists. If you are pro-second amendment, consider Mike Huckabee. He was the first governor to have a concealed handgun permit. He has been praised by the Gun Owners of America. If you are concerned about illegal immigration, consider Mike Huckabee. He has a 9 point plan including building a fence and has signed a no amnesty pledge. If you are concerned about taxes, consider Mike Huckabee. He supports the FairTax. He cut taxes 90+ times as governor.


Huck's Army troops: Huckabee's conservative credentials are realMcCain will struggle to beat Hillary or Obama in the South -- Huckabee won't

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The 17,000 grassroots "troops" of are encouraging Gov. Mitt Romney supporters to take another look at Huckabee. They have set up a welcome and question and answer forum at where Romney and Huckabee supporters can interact."Although many have been misinformed, we really believe that Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney have similar credentials and conservative positions," said Lucas Roebuck, Public Affairs Officer for

NO TAX INCREASES: Both Huckabee and Romney signed the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge. John McCain has not signed the pledge (

ENERGY INDEPENDENCE: Both Huckabee and Romney have said energy independence is vital for American security and would make it a top priority of the administration.GUBERNATORIAL

EXPERIENCE: Both Huckabee and Romney believe that the experience of being governor is most beneficial when preparing for the presidency. Romney was governor for a term in Massachusetts; Huckabee was governor of Arkansas for over a decade.

SECURE THE BORDER NOW: Both Huckabee and Romney opposed amnesty. Both support getting the Mexican/American border fence done in the first months of the next president's term.

SANCTITY OF LIFE: "We must promote a culture of life," said Romney. No candidate has done more to promote life than Mike Huckabee, according to the National Right to Life PAC.Huckabee supporters also believe Huckabee is the most electable GOP candidate at this point. "Republicans don't win if they don't carry the south," Roebuck said. "McCain may be polling well in national polls, but how will he do against an Obama or Clinton in the critical Southern states? Both Barack and Hillary have a unique appeal to the South that only Huckabee can negate."If Obama is the candidate, Huckabee's oratory excellence will be critical in national Republican debates."Huckabee is clearly the best GOP debater," Roebuck said. "He's the one who will be able to face down the siren rhetoric of Obama in the general election."

About HucksArmy.comWith core values of faith, family and freedom, is an online grassroots movement not owned or operated by any candidate or political campaign. With more than 17,000 recruits, is dedicated to mobilize support for candidates who honor God and country.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Republicans for Choice Endorses McCain

For those of you out there that think McCain has a good enough pro-life record for you to vote for him, here is something to think about. Republicans for Choice just endorsed McCain.

The Republicans for Choice PAC supports Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion, and also wants the Human Life Amendment removed from the plank of the Republican Party.

Republicans for Choice founder and Chairwoman Ann E.W. Stone told Cybercast News Service that McCain's pro-life position wasn't an issue.

"(McCain) is (pro-life), but it's not at the top of his agenda, not like Huckabee or the born-again Romney," Stone said. "He's shown his willingness to reach across the party, and we look forward to those discussions."

I would edit the above to say, "not like Huckabee or the supposedly pro-life Mormon bishop Romney."

Gearing Up for Saturday

With Huckabee finishing Super Tuesday better than expected, I am excited to see what will happen on Saturday. Kansas (39 delegates), Louisiana (41) , and Washington (40) are voting/caucusing. I think Gov. Huckabee has a good shot at Kansas and Louisiana. Louisiana already had its caucuses. McCain and Ron Paul did well in those, but I don't know how many delegates are tied to them. I don't really know about Washington. As with most of the west coast, rural Washington is fairly conservative. I think Gov. Huckabee's energy independence ideas will set well with their environmental ideals. Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing God continue to work in this country and praise him for the Mike Huckabee victories in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Revolutionary Parenting Chapter 2

I have been a slacker about writing about the next chapter of my George Barna book Revolutionary Parenting. Chapter 2 talks about how most of the parents that the Barna Group interviewed that raised spiritual champions were their kids spiritual coaches. The thing I liked most about this chapter was that it offered hope to parents that don't consider themselves spiritual champions.

Successful coaches are an interesting and varied lot. Some who have reached the upper echelon of success in the sports world are mormer champions--but most of them are not. All of them, though, understand what it takes to become a champion; all of them are committed to helping their proteges ascend to the highest levels of performance; and all of them energetically reinforce championship-caliber efforts.

He goes on to say that the coach is resposible for seeing where the coached is going. A coach with no goals is a silly notion.

My prayer is that God will continually improve my ability to coach my children and that I will remember that the main goal is for them and me to conform to the likeness of his son.