Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pres. Obama as Teacher of the Hour

Pres. Obama will be visiting many of the nation's classrooms next Tuesday via satellite. To me, this just emphasizes the fact that public schools are government schools. Though I am sure the President's speech will be largely innocuous (it is supposed to be about taking responsibility in school and goal setting), it is completely subversive to the parents' god-given rights to guide and raise up their children. I don't want the president discussing responsibility and goals with my kids. I want those things to come from a biblical perspective and taught by me and my husband. Those two things need to be rooted in the Bible and bringing glory to God not rooted in humanistic, pluralistic thinking.

By the way. . .
Yes, I am aware that the first Pres. Bush also did a similar talk back in 1991. Even though I liked Pres. Bush (granted I was in high school and not as much of a critical thinker), I think today I would still say the same thing. The president has no business helping my children set goals.

Monday, August 31, 2009

8 Days in an Upturned Boat

Three Texas fishermen were rescued after 8 days in their upturned boat. They had a little fresh water and very little food. To me, this was the most interesting part of Yahoo's article:

"It was on a day-to-day basis that everybody had their breakdown," Tressel Hawkins told NBC's "Today Show" Monday. "The power of prayer had us feeling safe as far as knowing that we were going to make it out of it, but didn't know how long that we were going to have to endure this."

It is pleasant to hear stories of people's faith in hard times.

I am excited for their families. The 8 days of not knowing must have been terrible.