Saturday, January 23, 2010

Texas Republican Governor's Race Primary

Here in Texas we Republicans have three choices for Governor in the primaries.

The first is the incumbent, Governor Rick Perry. He has been playing a good conservative game lately. He did go to the tea parties. He eventually vetoed SB 1440. And Sarah Palin is participating in a rally for him. But I never really thought that was who he truly was. It seems like he is playing a game and he knows a conservative is more likely to win. And I haven't forgotten that he (by executive order) tried to shove the HPV vaccine down Texans throats.

His website boasts that he has aggressively created jobs, but I found out that almost all of the "created jobs" are in the government sector. So how does that equate to a small government Republican? The rest of his issues section seems good at face value.

But there is also a lot of bad points to be read about here. The first one mentioned is:
The Trans Texas Corridor and the gargantuan, multi-billion dollar toll road fiasco. The TTC and the toll roads are the biggest taxing, spending, and tolling increases in the history of Texas! The toll road scam screws Texas taxpayers, consumers, drivers and landowners. Rick Perry shoved toll roads down the throats of millions of Texans. It is a prime example of the big government, pro-tax, pro-toll agenda of Rick Perry. Then he wants to sell these roads off for quick cash like a fool.

The second is Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. I would label her as a moderate. This website is a great resource for why I can't even consider voting for KBH. Her issues section sounds good but I just don't trust her.

The third is my favorite, Debra Medina. This lady is all about freedom. What a breath of fresh air! Her main talking points are repealing the property tax so that you can really own your property and have true property rights and protecting gun ownership/the right to defend yourself and protect your property. She rightly says that these are two of the pillars of a free society. One of the things that I like most about her is that she actually appears to have read and understood the US Constitution and the Texas Constitution. She is not afraid to talk about states nullifying unconstitutional laws passed by Congress.

Her issues page has a section on the right to life. It is simple enough.

Pro-Life Period

Life begins at conception and concludes at natural death.

Every human is created in the image of God. God, not man, is the measure of all things. Every human life is precious and I will work to protect innocent human life.

The main "con" against Mrs. Medina is that she has no experience. I think video on her home page is a great answer to that.

The other is: Can she win? Well, after Mr. Brown win in Massachusets, I would say anything is possible. She has gone up from 3% in the fall to 12% in the most current Rassmusen poll.
I hope that continues to gain momentum.

You can watch her responses in a recent debate below. You can click through to Youtube to view the other parts or click on the related videos when you are done.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Operation Rescue

Operation Rescue does great work finding how abortionists are breaking the law and working to get them closed down. They are currently offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who can give them convicting evidence of abortion clinics that break the law. They claim that they have never found an abortion clinic that complies with all of the federal, state, and local laws. So if you know something criminal that has taken place at an abortion clinic, please give Operation Rescue your information.

Also, this organization has a list of all the abortion clinics in America. It also gives each state a rank. These are the ones for Texas.

  • Ratio of Women Ages 15-44 Per Abortion Clinic: 125,022 to 1
    Rank: 29 (50 being best)
  • Abortion Rate Per 100,000 Women Ages 15-44: 15
    Rank: 19 (48 being best, 2 states don't report)
  • In cruising around their site, I found a fairly disturbing story:

    In New Orleans there is an abortionist, Ifeanyi Charles Anthony Okpalobi of the Gentilly Medical Clinic for Women, that is continuing to practice without a license. Operation Rescue was instrumental in proving that he was not abiding by several state laws. So his license was revoked. But he is still allowed to practice. Why? According to Operation Rescue, this is because he is allowed to stay open while his case is being appealed.

    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    Race to the Top

    Family Research Council published a post recently about Pres. Obama's "Race to the Top" program. One of factoid that jumped out at me was the amount of money America spends per student per year: a whopping $9,266.

    That made me start thinking. . . What would I do with $18,532 a year for education of my two kids? So here is my wish list with approximate costs.

    1. Native Spanish speaker Spanish tutor, 72 sessions x $30= $2160
    2. Master Gardener to dig a garden and supervise the kids and I as we produce organic vegetables and herbs, gardener+garden = $3000
    3. A lab quality microscope with computer hookup, $1500
    4. Private astronomy lessons by someone who could help us figure out our telescope, 36 sessions x $25= $900
    5. Right Start Math curriculum level D, $150
    6. Karate classes for my son, 12 months x $30= $360
    7. Horse Riding lessons for my daughter,12 months x $40= $480
    8. Fort Worth zoo membership= $170
    9. Awesome thinking games like Qwirkle cubes and others= $200
    10. As I still have about $9500 left, I guess I could pay myself as the teacher and use it to by a minivan.

    So what would you spend your $9,266 on?

    What do you think the public schools spent it on? That is about $203,000/classroom.

    Are we really getting that much bang for our buck?

    Wednesday, January 20, 2010

    Dark Horse Rising

    I am excited to see that Scott Brown won Teddy Kennedy's old seat. To me this is one of those times when God reminded us that we don't know squat. While I couldn't sing the praises of Mr. Brown whole-heartedly (he's not what I would call pro-life), I am excited that he will vote against the health care bill. I am also excited because if a conservative leaning moderate can take Massachusets, what is going to happen during the main elections in November. I have to think a sharp kick in the pants is coming to the liberals. The fact that Pres. Obama and Pres. Clinton couldn't pull this out emphasizes that point. One of my favorite quotes comes from the LifeSiteNews correspondent in DC.

    Here in Washington, the group of about 30 pro-life leaders that we were with Tuesday evening erupted in loud cheers when the television screen showed AP's declaration of Scott Brown as the winner of the Massachusetts Senate race.

    You would think that a last inning, game winning home run had just been hit or a last second hockey Stanley cup goal was scored. I haven't seen anything like this before. Although Brown cannot be considered a pro-life politician, the leaders all recognized the historical significance of this dramatic vote result. The game has now suddenly changed and the Democrat social radicals are real danger of huge vote losses in the November elections. Their reckless and ruthless health care fiasco is costing them dearly.

    Where will it all go from here? It should be very, very interesting.

    Steve Jalsevac

    Very interesting indeed. There is still a spark out there in America that is tired of all this bigger government, big deficit, big bail out bull corn. Let's fan that spark into a flame.

    Tuesday, January 19, 2010

    Marching for Life

    I participated in the Dallas March for Life this past Saturday. It was great to participate with so many people (about 5000). Because of permit issues we had to walk on the sidewalk (last year a lane of the street was coned off), it took an hour for all of the people to make from the cathedral to the courthouse were the original Roe v. Wade was filed. Of the many pro-life t-shirts, the one that made me think the most was this one.

    One of the facts it lists is this:
    87% of the people that have an abortion claim to know Christ.

    If we focused on discipleship instead of just conversion or "accepting Christ", how many lives would be saved?

    Also over this MLK weekend, many thousands marched in protest against the enormous Planned Parenthood under construction in Houston. People from all over the country came to make their voices heard.