Saturday, November 1, 2008

Silly Silly-String Law

I found this picutre here from a link at A Keyboard and a .45. Welcome to the Nanny State (AKA California).

While I'm On an International Kick. . .

Bravo, Queen Sophia. Queen Sophia of Spain made the news this week for making statements against "gay marriage" and abortion in a biography. According to Yahoo News!, "The Queen of Spain drew criticism Friday after she was quoted as condemning gay marriage, gay pride marches and abortion in an upcoming biography." This goes against her country's official policy; Spain made "gay marriage" legal in 2005.
I find it refreshing that a political figure who claims to be Catholic actually stand for what the Catholic Church believes. If only there were more of them in America.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

South Korea Upholds Jail Time for Adultery

According to Yahoo News!, South Korea's highest court has upheld its adultery law. From the article. . .

The law was enacted in 1953 to protect women.

In this male-dominated society, women had little recourse against a husband who had an affair. Back then, if a wife walked out of a marriage, she would often end up alone and penniless.

Today, it is rare for people to be jailed but that has not stopped several thousand angry spouses from filing criminal complaints each year.

Critics have said a better compromise might be to allow spouses just to sue for compensation in civil court.

I think that this is a very interesting law. It led me to wonder if there are any consequences for adultery (as far as the law goes) in America. I know you won't be thrown in jail here, but can you be sued for breaking a marriage contract? Should the laws be stricter here?

As a side (but related issue), I think that one of the worst marriage laws in the country is the no fault divorce.

What do you think?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NEA Custodian Mocks "Amatures" Teaching at Home

The general arguments are the usual.
1. Homeschoolers don't believe in social interaction.
2. Parents can barely teach their kids manners let alone educate them.
3. Degrees prove competence.

I can't even begin to answer all of the asinine blather in this article. So I am just posting quick answers from my own families experience.

1. My kids interact with both kids and adults of various backgrounds, ethincities, and income levels. We interact with neighborhood children, friends from church, librarians, postal workers, etc. on a weekly basis.
2. Homeschooled kids consistently outscore public school kids in every test thrown at them. My kids are learning manners, Bible, Spanish, reading, handwriting, astronomy (planets, asteroids, etc.), biology (toad life cycle, tropical rainforest habitat, etc.), math, and art this week. While my son might be behind a little in reading, he is almost a year ahead in math. My daughter is 4 and easily doing kindergarten level work.
3. Degrees prove nothing except that you can nicely stack bologna. Bill Gates has done a fine job of running Microsoft (and now passing it on to another CEO) without an MBA or even a bachelor degree. I have a degree in Landscape Architecture with something like a 3.8 average. Big freaking deal. Probably the two most successful people in my class had a C+ average. I am just a better bologna stacker who had more free time to do a good job on projects because I didn't have to work my way through school.

Educational Links

I have added a new section of links on to the right. They are some of my favorite homeschool resources. I thought I would highlight some of them here.

Dick Blick Art Supplies- This is the Amazon of art supplies. If you want it, they likely have it at a price that usually saves you money even with the shipping. From wiggle eyes to paints to mosaics, this is your online super store.

Home Science Tools- This site is a great source for everything from microscopes to insect collection supplies to fetal pigs to dissect. They have things for kindergarten through adult.

Interactive US Atlas- This is a USGS service. The online US map maker tab allows you to show the data that is of interest to you. You can click on agriculture, tornadoes, coal mines, etc. Then the map adds those features. There is also a print map button if you want hard copy of the information.

Jungle Walk- This is a great source for animal sounds.

North American Animals- This site will let you print a field guide showing all of the mammals indigenous to your exact location.

The Online Art Class- My kids and I just signed up for this. It costs $30 for the whole family. All of the lessons are simple enough that I feel confident that my six-year-old can do them. Yet even the more advanced student could learn a lot.

Rosetta Stone-This is a great foreign language computer program. For younger kids you can remove the typing (writing) modules. My four-year-old can do it with help on the reading part. For an older child you can leave on the speaking and writing modules. The voice recognition software does a good job. There is no memorization so it is fun and functionality comes more naturally. You can order a free sample on their website.

Monday, October 27, 2008

384 Lives

With only one week left in the 40 Days for Life, the number of confirmed babies saved is 384. Praise God! Here is the report about one of them.

Luke in South Bend, Indiana tells of praying at the40 Days for Life vigil on a day he was tired, hungry and really looking forward to taking a break. About that time, a woman drove up and asked if he worked at the abortion center. "No, I'm working for the Lord,"he said, "and praying."The woman told Luke she was under extreme pressure to have an abortion, and then asked him, "Can I have your advice? What do you think I should do?"Luke prayed for the Holy Spirit to give him the right words. He then asked the woman, "Who gave you this child?" Those were indeed the right words; she responded, "God did."He asked her how she could reject such a gift. She thought about that for a moment and said, "You're right. I could never have an abortion." Luke told her she could find help at the nearby pregnancy resource center, and then she drove away."I broke down and cried for joy," he said. "Blessed be God forever!"

You can still be a part of this effort. Spend some time in prayer asking the God of Heaven to put an end to abortion in your community.