Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Mystery with a Romantic Twist

I had a great time reading Love in Disguise by Carol Cox.  It is more a mystery book than a romance novel, but that made it a breath of fresh air in many ways.  The main character, Ellie, is a Pinkerton detective that must use disguises in order to be able to glean the information she needs to find out who has been stealing the silver from the miners in Pickford, AZ.  The mystery is interesting and fairly exciting, but the thing I like most is Ellie herself.  She is resourceful, spunky, and comes to realize that she has a lot to offer the world as just plain Ellie.

The romantic twist to the book is fun too.  I would enjoy reading a second book about Ellie and Steven (one of the miners).

So thanks Bethany House for giving me this book to review.  I really enjoyed it!