Thursday, January 17, 2008

Congress Proposes Civil Partner Benefits

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Just before Christmas break, Senators Gordon Smith (R-OR) and Joseph Lieberman (D-CN) proposed a piece of legislation that would provide federal employees with "domestic partners" benefits. U.S. Representative Tammy Baldwin, an outspoken lesbian, along with 30 sponsors, proposed a companion bill in the U.S. House. Titled the Domestic Partner Benefits and Obligations Act of 2007, these bills would use federal tax dollars to support unmarried "partners," if passed. Benefits that a federal employee and his/her domestic partner would receive include federal health benefits, the Family and Medical Leave Program, long-term care, insurance and retirement benefits. Although 13 states and 201 local governments have doled out domestic partner benefits due to pressure from the gay lobby, the federal government has thus far not caved to special interest. Encouraging "alternatives" to marriage is not only bad social policy but self-destructive for the future of any society.

I pray that this never makes it out of Congress and if it does that Pres. Bush would veto it. Just one more reason we need Gov. Huckabee in the White House. Even if this bill is defeated this time there will be more like it.

Is That a Man in the Women's Bathroom?

WorldNetDaily has a disturbing article today. The article talks about a Maryland law that"arguably would allow coed locker rooms in public accommodations".

Here are some of the more disturbing quotes:

[Maryland Citizens for Responsible Government] said Leggett's signature on the law means even religious schools could be forced to hire transgender teachers "and then also allow cross-dressing but biological males in your daughters' school locker room."

"The county council frequently points out that the law excludes accommodations that are 'distinctly private and personal' – implying that 'distinctly private and personal' refers to bathrooms," the citizens protest group said.
However, "'distinctly personal and private' in similar state statutes is usually interpreted as referring to private clubs and associations, and not to bathrooms," said Susan Jamison, a lawyer from Poolesville.

Olivia St. John wondered about why such legislation was even considered, "particularly for a small segment of people described by the American Psychiatric Association as disordered?"
The answer? she found:"The Trasgen-der Law Center, or TLC – an organization dedicated to getting legal information into the hands of community members, attorneys, educators and others – designed a descriptive resource guide for transgender activists and their homosexual, lesbian and bisexual allies. The document, titled "Peeing in Peace," promotes "gender neutral restrooms" in all sectors of society. Not surprisingly, it was partially funded by Clinton supporter George Soros and the Tides Foundation, generously supported by Teresa Kerry, wife of Sen. John Kerry."

St. John continued, "The problem, according to TLC, is that many transgendered people have few safe places to go to the bathroom. They claim to 'get harassed … and arrested in BOTH women's and men's rooms.' One sufferer, who had clearly entered a restroom of the opposite sex, whined that he had been 'dragged out by security guards.'

"Amusingly, this sounds as if the fuss is over 'peeing rights,' or about who has the right to urinate where. But think again. Seriously consider that your child is likely to find transsexualism not only discussed but also actively practiced in his public school at some point," she said.

As WND reported, a resident, identified as "Lisa," wrote to her elected representative on the board: "From what I'm reading, the person with the gender identity confusion is being protected by what she or he FEELS he or she is. Thus, we'd have to protect this person's gender based upon what is in his or her MIND. So, if I'm in a bathroom all by myself late at night, and a man walks in, I am supposed to be okay with this? If I'm at a pool, in a women's locker room, and a man walks in – I'm supposed to be okay with this? This is truly unbelievable, and I'm embarrassed that Montgomery County is even spending its time on this piece of nonsense."

If you are against this and other such nonsense, please consider voting for and donating to Gov. Mike Huckabee's presidential campaign. If Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama are elected, we can expect to see this sort of thing on a national level.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mr. Huckabee

New Definition of Child Abuse

The Jewish Chronicle has an article this month about a woman who claims that training a child up in the ways of the Lord amounts to child abuse.

Why does my heart sink when I see a toddler with a dummy in her mouth dressed in the hijab? Or a small boy in peot and the hat of an 18th-century nobleman? The Jesuits are famed for declaring that all they need is the first seven years of a child’s life to make him a Catholic for life.

Perhaps organised religion should carry a health warning and only be made available at 18 with the right to vote. Isn’t it child abuse to imprint religion and identity on an infant? In our Western democracies, we say we believe in the freedom of the individual to make their own life choices but we allow parents to enforce their own dogma on their offspring. Why not teach children about all religions, as well as secularism and humanism, and let them decide how they wish to identify when they become adults?

The evil here so saturated. It goes to so many levels. First of all it is your God-given duty to train your children up in His ways. To not do so is a sin. But even further than that this is evil. There was a king (I believe of France) that did an experiment centuries ago. He wanted to see what language the children would speak if left to themselves. So they were given food and clean diapers but no other interaction. Every child died in less than 2 years. This woman is saying we should do the same with our children's souls. That we are to leave the soul alone and see what religion it comes up with (if any). Can you imagine the stunted twisted souls that would be caused by this neglect? The other evil is what the Devil has done to this woman. He has so deceived her that I am sure she really believes that in writing this she is helping children.

Oh God, stand against these evils. Fight for us against them. The enemy is crafty. Help us to be aware of his schemes.