Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Your Fired! (But You Deserve a Medal)

Thank God for Brenda Biesterfeld. She worked at a library in California (are we surprised?) and saw a man looking at kiddie porn on the computers. She told the police, the man was arrested (more kiddie porn at his house), and she was fired.

I fear for a country where those that try to protect the innocent are fired. God, please bless Brenda Biesterfeld.

On the bright side the community of Lindsey, California has rallied around Ms. Bisterfeld. Also, Liberty Council has taken her case.

For more on the story, go to LifeSiteNews.


Rebecca said...

That's chilling. But I'm glad people like her still exist in California. It's a mad house out here.

Applied Christianity said...

Definitely a mad house. My heart goes out to those that live there.

bugskippy said...

I can't believe they fired her for doing something so heroric. But, it's good to see citizens banding together to support her. It shows not everyone has lost their minds.

Applied Christianity said...

Welcome and thanks for posting, Bugskippy. Yes, I was very glad to see the community taking a stand.