Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I was looking through some of my old documents and came upon this. I wrote it years ago. For some reason I didn't write the scriptures here, but I know they are in the study that I did. Anyway here it is for your perusal.

Proverbs, the Gospels, and Acts on Money:
How to Be a Good Steward
A Summary

Honor God with the material resources he has given you.
1. God must be your prime director, not what is best financially.
2. You must trust God (not yourself, the government, etc.) to provide for you.
3. Your comfort must come from God not wealth or stuff.
4. Be extravagant on God and kingdom things.
5. Commit all plans to the Lord.
6. Wear yourself out for God not stuff or money.
7. Use material resources to make more Christians and treasure in Heaven.
8. Be willing to take financial risks for the kingdom.

Help others with material resources.
1. Be generous to all people without sparing.
2. Giving is not the point. Glorifying God is the point.
3. Don’t bear others financial burdens.

Be honest and ethical.
1. Pay taxes.
2. Make amends for wrongs.
3. Don’t cheat people, if anything, give them more goods, services, etc. than expected.

Make the most out of what you’ve got.
1. Wisdom is worth spending on.
2. Go where others have gone. Go with a guide if possible.
3. Struggle to free yourself from financial traps.
4. Do what you can when you can.
5. Gather money little by little.
6. Invest in repeat income streams and in things that multiply.
7. Train your kids to take over when you are gone.
8. Do due diligence.
9. Do not love idle pleasures and trinkets.
10. Have an emergency fund.
11. Take care of your business before you take care of your comfort.
12. Reinvest profits.
13. Don’t be wasteful.
14. Be willing to take financial risks.
15. Do not be afraid.

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