Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Are We Being Noisy Enough?

This came in my FRC Action e-mail. I thought it had a very good point.

Although lesbian, gay, and bisexual activists are among the most vocal of any special interest group, they are also one of the smallest. Far from the 8-10 percent figures that some cite, the number of homosexuals in America is only 2.9 percent of the 18 and older population, according to researchers from Hunter College. One author of the study, Professor Patrick Egan, says that the media typically cite the number of homosexuals based on voter exit polls. That's a mistake, Egan insists. "Exit polls are based on the people... who show up at the polls. Gays and lesbians vote much more consistently than the general population," Egan concludes. Although homosexuals may be in the minority, they have a "disproportionate impact on the political process." In almost every political category, they outwork the average citizen. They volunteer, write letters to the editor, contact government officials, and protest more than most Americans. That feat is even more impressive when you consider that not everyone in that 2.9 percent is an activist for homosexuality, meaning that an even smaller fraction of homosexuals is forcing its agenda on the nation. Just last week, this tiny contingent was successful in bullying the American Psychiatric Association (APA) into cancelling a symposium on homosexuality and faith. The event would have featured a variety of viewpoints--including those of conservatives--on "reparative therapy." Fearing that conservatives would take the stage and legitimize the ex-gay movement, the homosexual crowd pushed the APA to cancel, despite the fact that it was organized by one of its own. David Scasta, a former APA president, said that his goal was to have a "balanced discussion about religion's role in therapy." "We wanted to talk rationally... but the external forces made it into a divisive debate it never intended to be." Those "external forces" also made an appearance at Smith College last week, forcing their way onto the stage to disrupt a presentation on the "Born-Gay Hoax." According to one account, "protestors flooded the podium and began noisily dancing and clapping in front of the speaker." Both police and campus security were present but did nothing to restrain the riotors. Both incidents reveal a lot about the duplicity of the homosexual movement. While its members demand "equal treatment" in the political process, the only views they tolerate are their own. In my opinion, values voters could stand to learn a few things from the peaceable side of these activists as we try to transform the culture. Imagine the influence Christians could have if we all resolved to engage the public square and speak the truth!

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