Monday, May 19, 2008

Better with Parents

WorldNetDaily has a good article about the children of the polygamist cult here in Texas. I encourage you to read the whole thing. Here are my favorite quotes.

Question: What's worse for children than to have parents who are members of a polygamy cult?
Answer: To have the state for parents.

If these mothers are going to lose custody of their children as a result of that kind of sexual activity, what about the high percentages of teen pregnancies in our inner cities? Can we expect Texas and the other states soon to begin seizing millions of kids – both girls and boys in those families?

When I hear a government bureaucrat claim to be the parents of children he has never met, it sets me off.

If Texas authorities looked at certain neighborhoods in Houston and Dallas, they would likely find teen pregnancy rates at least as high as those in the FLDS compound. Why is it that the parents of those children are not being rounded up and their offspring being placed in foster care homes?
The answer is obvious: Because it would be wrong to do so.
If it is wrong in those neighborhoods, it is equally wrong in the FLDS neighborhood.

The article also raises some questions surrounding vaccinations and CPS. I encourage everyone to read the whole thing.

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