Friday, August 22, 2008

I Ordered My Glasses Online

I ordered my new transitions glasses online. I really wanted transitions but couldn't afford them (even with our discount from the insurance). So I started looking around online and found The total cost for these glasses was $93 including shipping. That was about half of what I was going to pay after the insurance discount.
The process was pretty simple. You choose your frames by looking at them on models of similar face shape and coloring as you. You can also print them out life size, cut out the lenses, and "try them on". My frames are very sturdy metal. The base price was either $39 or $49. (I don't remember which.)

Then you enter your prescription. There are hint prompts if you don't know what you are doing. If you decide to do this, make sure your prescription is written clearly and that the put the pupil distance (PD) on there. I had to call doctor to decipher his writing. I also had to measure my own pupil distance. There are directions on the site about how to do this. While it is not hard, I would have preferred that the doctor had actually written it on the prescription.
Then you choose the type of lenses you want. They sell two kinds of transitions in two colors (brown and black). I got brown. In the picture above, I had just come in from outside so there is still a tannish tint. They also sell clear lenses, prescription sunglasses, and bifocals.

I have been very pleased with my purchase. I had to have them adjusted at Wal-mart (for free) when they got here, but I would have had to do that anyway. Glasses never fit me right the first time. The tint changes color quickly. The frames are sturdy. They came also came with a hard case which I thought was cool.

So if you want glasses that are good quality and less money, I highly recommend


Anonymous said...

This is so funny! When my retina detached a few years ago, my prescription changed a lot and became much more complicated (and expensive!). I decided to try and I absolutely love them! If I went to a Pearle Vision or someplace like them, my lenses alone would cost over $400. At, they cost me $139! And like you, I stop in at Walmart to have them adjusted - for free!

I actually buy my frames off ebay though. Round suits my prescription best and gives me my best field of vision (still have some shadows from the detachment). Round frames are hard to find - except on ebay.

Applied Christianity said...

I guess great minds think alike. :)