Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Keepers of the Faith

My family recently started a family club of Keepers of the Faith. It is a Christian scouting organization that can be used by single families, home school groups, church groups, etc. Since our children are little we are using the program for ages 4-6.

For the girls, it is called Little Keepers at Home. There are 4 categories of badges for Little Keepers: Godly Girlhood, Basic Skills, Homemaking, and Nature. In each category there are quite a few badges. We are working on Birds from the Nature category and Cooking from the Homemaking category.

For the boys, it is called Little Contenders for the Faith. The categories are the same except there is no Homemaking. My son is working on Birds as well. He is also doing Coloring from the Basic Skills section.

We are really enjoying it so far. The badges and sashes are high quality. The badges are just challenging enough to be fun. The best part is the godly emphasis of it all.


Anonymous said...

Oh my stars! I have never heard of this. How wonderful! Thank you for sharing. :D

Scott Weldon said...

This is a great program. We even used it in our Homeschool Co-op and the kids loved earning the awards. The girls did the charms instead of badges, and everyone enjoyed. Hope you all have a great time with all the fun and wholesome things to do.

Applied Christianity said...

You are very welcome. I had not heard of it until a friend showed me their booklet.

It is nice to here from you. I did notice the charms and thought that would be a great way to go with older girls.