Sunday, November 9, 2008

Socialized Education

I was looking around at F3 Coalition and found this article. It is from World Magazine and written by Joel Belz. It makes several good points, and my favorite was this one:

Socialized medicine? Most of us recoil at the idea. Socialized airlines? Reminds us of Aeroflot. Socialized banks? When it happened last month, it terrified us.

But socialized schools? Nine out of ten of us patronize them regularly.

And we do so with na'ry a thought or concern about how such an arrangement affects next week's election, or the election after that, or the lifetime of elections to come.

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Raymond V Banner said...

Although I have not subscribed to WORLD magazine in recent years, I did subscribe to it once and usually enjoyed reading the columns of Joel Belz and Gene Edward Veith, Jr.

Socialized education has been around for so many years that I think the large majority of people have become accustomed to and acceptable of it. I have been pleased to see the rise of a homeschooling movement in recent years, especially by devout Christians.