Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Step Ideas

I got something interesting from my church in the mail today. They call it "Christmas Step Ideas". (Step is a kind of outreach thing at our church.) I thought I would pass them along to you (at least the summaries).

1. Go caroling in a neighborhood with your small group and tell your neighbors about Christmas services and special events (take your children with you).

2. Have a Christmas Dessert at your house for your neighbors. You will be surprised at how many neighbors will come to your house for desserts.

I (That would be the outreach minister) read a testimony recently in an outreach newsletter of one couple having a Christmas dessert open house from 6 PM - 8 PM on a Thursday night. They noted that people came and stayed for the whole time. They also noticed that many of them- even thought they had lived down the street from one another for 30 years- had never met! You can talk to the whole group and thank them for coming and invite them to the Christmas Eve service.

3. Instead of first figuring out how to get your neighbors to visit church, why one involve your neighbors as upfront willing partners in doing Kingdom work. Plan a food drive in your community. Maybe even start something long term that would bless your community throughout the year.

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