Sunday, December 7, 2008

Me and My Jesus Themed Christmas

Around here we try to keep out decorations for Christmas about Christ and his coming. (Imagine that.) So here is what we have so far. The main thing is the nativity scene. My kids set it up with Nana and Papa. Nana and Papa made it look like a normal village with people in or near their houses and Jesus in the stable. But the kids always want everyone to be around Jesus worshipping him. Then my daughter brought out all of her new princess dolls because, "even princesses should worship Jesus."

Then we have the Christmas wreath. (It isn't on the door because my husband doesn't like the wapping sound every time the door opens or closes.)

There are also the Jesus themed Christmas cards. Though I can't send all of you one. I do wish you all a Christ-filled Christmas. May what He has done bring you joy that no one can squelch.

And yes, we do have a Christmas tree. Largely because we got tired of various relatives feeling sorry for the kids with no tree.


letti said...

awww that's a sweet setup. I'm sure the kids had fun putting everything up.

Wayne_from_Jeremiah_Films said...

I've added your post to What Christmas traditions do you want to keep?

Thank you for a wonderful post.

Applied Christianity said...

Thanks for the link, Wayne.