Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Of Conjoined Twins and Pink Iguanas

A couple in England is expecting a set of dicephalus conjoined twins. This means that they share at least part of their torso and their legs. In a quote from a LifeSiteNews article the mother, Lisa Chamberlain, said, "Some people might look at me and say 'You're going to give birth to a freak' but I don't care because I feel blessed." Mrs. Chamberlain and her husband are practising Catholics. I am glad that they have the courage to stand against their doctor and family and give these babies a chance at life. (OneMom also has a post about eugenics that shows how many different kinds of "abnormalities" we are willing to snuff out. I imagine that Rex's mom [see post below] would have recommended by many doctors for abortion. This issue hits close to home. My mom was advised to abort me because she had an x-ray when she was only a few weeks pregnant and didn't yet know it. I am vey glad that she told the doctor no way.)

And we have yet another animal that supposedly evolved millions of years before its island home existed: the pink iguanas on the Galapagos Islands. Once again ICR has the story in more detail.


Raymond V Banner said...


Actually this is a miscellaneous post that covers several items rather than the specific blog it is posted under.

I sometimes have problems accessing your site but now understand more clearly why I have been unable to make connection the past several days---as you explain that your Internet Site had been down.

By coincidence you and I at the same time less than an hour ago, without either of us being aware of the others action, posted on the "Risk of Cancer? Kill the baby" post at ONE MOM that discusses the problem of using science for selective eugenic killing.

Also, thanks for the post earlier this month on the results of the abortion views of the American people according to the survey by Catholic officials. It is possible that their poll may have been designed to encourage a more positive pro-life response than would have been done by some other polling firms. I don't know. But, nevertheless, amidst all the gloomy news regarding morality and the sanctity of life, I did see some reasons for optimism for those who hold to the sanctity of life. I think that firm opposition to the radical pro-abortion legislative measure entitled the
"Freedom of Choice Act" is of special importance in the weeks and months and years ahead.

Applied Christianity said...


Thanks for the kind words. Feel free to comment (whether related or not) at any time.

I am sorry you have been having trouble accessing the site. This Internet can be very frustrating at times.