Saturday, January 10, 2009

Zooming Around the Internet

My Internet has been down the last few days. Hence the lack of post. Now that it is back up, I have been zooming around the Internet. Here are some interesting things that I found.

Via LifeSiteNews.
A CWFA article about the need for parents of the opposite sex. Boys need moms, and girls need dads. (Amazing how God figured that out thousands of years before all this new research.) "[A] child's relationship with his or her parents is the single most important factor in predicting that child's long-term happiness, adjustment, development, educational attainment, and success."

They also led me to this little article which made me hopping mad. The article itself is good. It refutes a study claiming that virginity pledgers and non-pledgers are equally likely to have sex before marriage. The article points out that to make the study get those results the non-pledgers were all deemed equally devout in their religion. "What Dr. Healy was getting at is that the pledge itself is not what distinguishes these kids from most other teenagers. The real difference is their more conservative and religious home and social environment." (Who would've thought?) Yet all the MSM had to say was that parents that thought teens could make it to the marriage bed virgins were totally out of touch. That's odd. My husband and I somehow managed it.

And from the homeschool e-mail list I am on . . .
The publishing industry is scrambling to see how a child product safety law (passed in August) will effect them. The law will go into effect on Feb. 10th. I get the knee-jerk reaction against the lead in Chinese products in 2008, but how about a little clarity and common sense from our law-makers. "The fast-approaching deadline and the threat of fines ($100,000 per violation) mean the industry is struggling to comply with the Act even without complete answers. Most of the major publishing houses have legal staff working on the issue fulltime, have done or are doing the required testing and labeling (as best as they can, given the uncertainty and cost) and are ready to provide the paperwork. Many smaller publishers, however, may not be ready in time." Further down the article states, "Perhaps the most confusing issue facing retailers and publishers is what to do with old inventory once February arrives. The safety guidelines are retroactive and therefore include all products on store shelves on February 10, not just books manufactured or shipped as of that date. " Good grief. I feel for these publishers. Especially the mom and pop ones.

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