Thursday, April 2, 2009

Parental Rights Amendment Introduced

The Parental Rights Amendment has been introduced in the US House of Representatives as HJ Res 42 with 72 co-sponsors. Click here to see if your representative is one of them. My representative is not on the list. I plan on encouraging her to join the other 72. You can get information on who your representative is here. Just type your zip code into the search on the upper right side.

You can read my reasons for supporting the Parental Rights Amendment here. You can also go to for much more information.

This is part of Michael Farris' speech when the resolution was introduced:

. . . a post-election Zogby poll (sponsored by WorldNetDaily) makes it clear that virtually every sector of the American public agrees with this last proposition.When asked if they wanted American judges to use American law alone or to also consider international law in making decisions, by an overwhelming margin, the American public rejected the idea of using international law for these purposes.
The majority of Republican voters reject international law.
So do the majority of Democratic voters.
Those who voted for McCain reject international law.
A majority of those who voted for Obama reject it as well.
Union members reject international law.
NRA members reject international law.
Every region of the nation rejects international law.
Every age group rejects international law.
Every racial group rejects international law.
This is a bipartisan issue in America among voters, and I truly hope and believe that it will become a bipartisan issue on the Hill.

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