Thursday, April 30, 2009

Texas Senate and Pro-life Legislation

The Texas Senate passed the Ultrasound Bill (20-9). They also passed a bill allowing a Choose Life license tag. Now we shall se what the House does with them.


Wickle said...

Thanks for the good news!

I needed it.

The NH Senate just passed the (already passed by the House) gay marriage bill, so I was feeling like states were all insane.

Good for you guys down in Texas. Maybe I should move back there.

Applied Christianity said...

You used to live in Texas?

It is nice to post good news when I can find it.

OneMom said...

I was just thinking "is there any good news anywhere" ... maybe in Texas! What's the political makeup of the legislature down there? You think the license plate might actually get approved?

Wickle - you're from Texas?

Applied Christianity said...

Sorry it took me so long to see your comment.

I believe that the legislature has a Republican majority. I think there is a good chance that they will both get approved.

Wickle said...

For the record, no, I'm not really from Texas.

My father was in the Air Force, and we were stationed at Reese AFB (near Lubbock) from 1980-85.

Originally, I'm from North Carolina, but I've lived in NH for the past 21 years and I definitely have to say that that's me at this point.

Applied Christianity said...

Poor Wickle. I feel bad for you if the only place you lived in Texas was near Lubbock. It is seriously one of the ugliest places. Wind, feed lot smell, dust storms, raining mud. I was very happy to leave Lubbock after I got my degree.