Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just What Your Teen Needs-- Tax Payer Funded Shot Glasses

A high school in Pennsylvania gave out shot glasses as the prom souvenir. The principal blames low budget and vague orders for the questionable gifts. At least he promised it won't happen again next year.

Are you ready to homeschool yet?


Wickle said...

To me, this sounds like just about the dumbest idea ever.

My wife said that at her high school, they gave out wine glasses, though ... so apparently this isn't that new.

It does make a pretty good argument for homeschooling, though, doesn't it?

Applied Christianity said...

Somehow wine glasses seem a little less debauchery-ish than shot glasses. I still would think it a poor gift from school to student.

Wickle said...

I guess you're right, there is a little more class to wine glasses.

Crazy concept ...

Coffee mugs? Picture frames?