Friday, June 5, 2009

Texas Proposed Legislation Gives CPS Free Reign

I encourage all Texans to read this post at Right in Texas. It brings to light something that got passed many of us because of the deceptive tactics of a few Democrats. (Read the post to see what I mean.) Now it has already been passed by the Texas House and Senate and is waiting for Governor Perry's approval.

The bill is SB 1440 and I urge all of you to ask the governor to veto this bill. This bill gives unprecedented power to CPS. With it, they would have the power to take your kids against your will without telling you or getting a court order. I know that CPS has a hard job and sees many sad and terrifying things. But this is way overstepping what authority they should have. This is a serious infringement of parental rights and I hope that Gov. Perry has the guts to stop it.

It saddens me that bills like this one that would have no popular support get squeaked in by deception when bills like the ultrasound bill never get to the final vote despite widespread approval because of a few punk Democrats.


OneMom said...

Well, this is frightening. I see HSLDA is opposed to this, along with the Daily Kos and Ron Paul's website.

Applied Christianity said...

Yes, and there is wide-spread oposition to it among conservative groups.

Karen said...

It seems that our federal, state, and local governments all enjoy creating laws and ordinances without consideration of their legality. How does this not trample on 4th amendment rights? Why are laws like this even permissible?

Applied Christianity said...

Supposedly because it is a "civil" matter and not a "criminal matter" the rules are different. I, on the other hand, agree with you.