Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Though my kids are quite a few years from college, I still find discussions on the topic interesting. Randy Alcorn has a post today about choosing a college that is worth the read. Here is the part that I want to emphasize.

When our daughters were considering a college, we told them, "Judge everything you hear by the Word of God, like the Bereans in Acts 17:11." There will be disagreements with faculty and students, of course, but that's healthy as long as people are appealing to a common authority, God's Word. But when they aren't, that's where the trouble begins. I would far rather send my kids—or go myself—to a school that has certain doctrines I don't embrace but that believes God's Word, than to one I cannot trust.

There is a Christian college (which will remain nameless) that some years ago was a great place to be challenged in the Word and meet God-fearing people who took the Bible seriously. I recently had a conversation with one of their alums. She said that the focus has all got to "academics" (what the world calls smart like evolution) and sports and things to make the college as "normal" as popular so that more students would be attracted.

It kind of reminded me of many congregations' mentalities of we need to be attractive to the masses by dumbing down the Bible and standing for virtually nothing. It seems to me that this method creates a bunch of weak Christians or short-lived Christians.

So I completely agree with Mr. Alcorn. If a school is professing Christianity, they darn well better be willing to stand on the Bible to make their arguments not just in science, but in economics, business, etc.

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