Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Critter Corner v. 7 Chick Report

Well, we have had a big last couple of days! Sunday evening I noticed that one of the eggs had hatched. Two more were jostling around. Since then we have been watching eggs and chicks a lot. Out of 7 eggs we have 6 chicks with the last one hatching yesterday evening. (We will leave the last egg in the incubator just to be sure, but there are no sounds coming from it so we are assuming it was not fertilized.)

Here is a picture of them with their names and the order in which they were hatch.

We have been really praising God for 6. We have been praying this whole time for at least one to hatch despite our less than perfect incubating and egg turning skills. The egg itself is an amazing creation.

The kids are especially proud of the ones that they named. This is my daughter with Majesty. (She wanted it to be princess, but I reminded her that we can't tell if they are male or female.)
Notice the Keepers t-shirt. If you are looking for a Christian scouting-type organization, Keepers of the Faith is a good one.

This is my son with Chickpea. He was going to be Chickpeeper, but ended up with the easier to say Chickpea.

It is a good thing we are having two weeks vacation. I think we would be having a hard time concentrating on school with all the excitement. It has been a great learning experience. We get to keep them at least until Sunday. Then they will be going to live on the farm where they came from.


Karen said...

We hatched out chicks in April, we have five. Our children named them Brooder (the first one into the brooder), Beaky (because they watched her from when you could only see the beak poking through the egg), Fury (because her egg was in the wrong position and she fought for an entire day to get out of the shell), Cracky (I guess they were excited to see a crack in another egg), and Blacky (who was all black).

Blacky and Cracky are roosters. It was fun to hear them start to crow. (It was so pitiful-sounding at first!) Now they are starting to fight and one of my husband's co-workers is going to take Cracky. My husband will be building laying boxes soon.

They did hatch out on a school day, and the kids ran to look at them constantly. I got about half a day's work done, and counted the other half as science because we did that much observation and discussion. It was a neat experience!


Applied Christianity said...

That is cool that you are keeping yours. We already have too many pets as it is, but if we lived in the country it would be tempting.