Thursday, November 5, 2009

111 New Bureaucracies

Someone at has come up with a list of 111 new bureaucracies that would come into effect if the latest health care bill goes into effect. The list includes page numbers in case you think they are making this up. Some caught my eye.

4. Program of administrative simplification (Section 115, p. 76) Are they kidding? Has the federal government ever simplified anything?

15. Ombudsman for "Public Health Insurance Option" (Section 321(d), p. 213)
So I'm thinking, "What the stuff is an ombudsman?" to the rescue: a government official who hears and investigates complaints by private citizens against other officials or government agencies. Somehow I envision 53 pages of paperwork to file this complaint.

Grant program to support the operation of school-based health clinics (Section 2511, p. 1352) I wonder if my homeschooled kids would be eligible to go to these clinics? Granted, even if they were, I probably wouldn't take them.

65. Healthy Teen Initiative grant program regarding teen pregnancy (Section 2526, p. 1398) Somehow I don't imagine this being an abstinence program.

I seriously hope this bill does not pass.


Shane Vander Hart said...

Thanks for the link!

Karen said...

I don't understand the need for school-based health clinics. If a community needs health clinics, why not provide services to the whole family and all ages? Why are we trying to split children away from their families and leave parents out of health care decisions?

Applied Christianity said...

you are welcome (though I assume that you mean about the previous post).

Excellent point. It seems to me that it would be easy for families to be written out of decisions like vaccination, birth control, medicating for ADHD, etc.