Friday, November 20, 2009

Kay Granger Fact Hunting

I got this e-mail from my Representative, Kay Granger. I thought it was worth sharing with you.

Dear Friend,

As news reports continue to break about the flawed job numbers coming out of President Obama’s stimulus website, I thought it would be interesting to see for myself how the government’s $18 million website is reporting the number of jobs “created or saved” in Texas from the trillion dollar stimulus that I voted against.

What I found was surprising:

According to, $191,727,818 in stimulus money has been spent in the 12th district to “create or save” 625.5 jobs at a cost of $306,764 per job. But that’s not all. also reports 30 jobs were “saved or created” in Texas’ 91stcongressional district. 45 jobs were saved for $3,659,964 in district 58, and 1 job was saved in the 68th district for $310,963. The problem is there are only 32 congressional districts in Texas.

When asked to explain why the stimulus information listed congressional districts that don’t exist, Ed Pound, spokesman for, said, “Who knows, man? Who really knows?”

How can we expect the administration to lead our economy into recovery when they take credit for spending $14,717,592 in congressional districts that don’t even exist?

Seriously?! $14.7 MILLION in a fictitious place?!! And how many other states have similar reports? Maybe not fictitious places, but they probably do have the $300,000+ per job. I would bet that there are loads of bull corn all over the place that most of the nation is ignoring. I am glad at least my Rep. is checking into these things.


Wickle said...

I believe that TX-91 is the Shire, TX-58 is Daedalus' workshop from the Percy Jackson novels, and TX-68 is Narnia (Mr. Tumnus is very thankful for having his job saved, by the way. though he's not sure why it took $310k when he makes minimum wage at the 7-11 near Cair Paravel.)

Applied Christianity said...

Very funny, Wickle.

Wickle said...

Oops ... I hit post too early.

Shane Vander Hart had a similar post about AZ-15. I speculated that that's Never-Never Land.

I'm running out of fictional places, though.

This is pretty sad, and it certainly doesn't inspire any confidence for the management of stimulus funds.

Anonymous said...

I read that these fictional districts were also listed for Arizona, and I'm sure for other states. I wonder what is really happening with this money?

Applied Christianity said...

Probably they don't even know where it went. It is really a pathetic situation.