Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Why Do Black People like the Democrats?

The Family Research Council has an interesting article about a Sen. Reid quote. In the quote, he alludes to what many people assume: that it was the Republicans that stood in the way of the 13th amendment and later against civil rights measurements. Then FRC follows it up with the facts.

Every vote against Lincoln 's Emancipation Proclamation was cast by a Democrat. In 1922, when Republicans tried to outlaw lynching, Senate Democrats filibustered the bill until it died and continued filibustering against it until it was approved in 1957. When the great Civil Rights Act of 1964 finally passed, Republicans in the Senate backed it 23-6, but Democrats in the majority approved by only 44-23. Without the Republican Party, it wouldn't have become the law of the land.

So my question is. . .
Why are so many African Americans so loyal to the Democrat party? I don't get it. Even today has the Democrat party really helped minorities or have they just been playing a smoke and mirrors game?


Scott Weldon said...

The answer is two reasons:
1. Short memories. I even had one high school student argue with me saying Lincoln wasn't a Republican. (the thought police have done their job well.)

2. Entitlements. Democrats want to hand out the money, and traditionally, minority groups have been the big recipients, though that is changing rapidly. It's why people in general support the Dems; they like the handouts.

Applied Christianity said...

I assume the high school student was educated in the public school?

I think you are right about the entitlements, but doesn't that another (nicer and prettier) kind of bondage. If I had grown up feeling downtrodden, I would go with the most freedom I could get my hands on.

scott said...

You'd think, but the nature of sin is to call freedom bondage, and bondage freedom. People seem to thrive on their entitlement enslavement. Only Christ will set them free.