Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dark Horse Rising

I am excited to see that Scott Brown won Teddy Kennedy's old seat. To me this is one of those times when God reminded us that we don't know squat. While I couldn't sing the praises of Mr. Brown whole-heartedly (he's not what I would call pro-life), I am excited that he will vote against the health care bill. I am also excited because if a conservative leaning moderate can take Massachusets, what is going to happen during the main elections in November. I have to think a sharp kick in the pants is coming to the liberals. The fact that Pres. Obama and Pres. Clinton couldn't pull this out emphasizes that point. One of my favorite quotes comes from the LifeSiteNews correspondent in DC.

Here in Washington, the group of about 30 pro-life leaders that we were with Tuesday evening erupted in loud cheers when the television screen showed AP's declaration of Scott Brown as the winner of the Massachusetts Senate race.

You would think that a last inning, game winning home run had just been hit or a last second hockey Stanley cup goal was scored. I haven't seen anything like this before. Although Brown cannot be considered a pro-life politician, the leaders all recognized the historical significance of this dramatic vote result. The game has now suddenly changed and the Democrat social radicals are real danger of huge vote losses in the November elections. Their reckless and ruthless health care fiasco is costing them dearly.

Where will it all go from here? It should be very, very interesting.

Steve Jalsevac

Very interesting indeed. There is still a spark out there in America that is tired of all this bigger government, big deficit, big bail out bull corn. Let's fan that spark into a flame.

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