Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nurse vs IRS

NURSE WINS! The reason this made the top of Yahoo News is because it is amazingly rare for 1 person to take on the IRS without a lawyer and win. This is one of the reasons that I think our current tax system is unjust. How can a system be truly just when "[t]he IRS's rules on deducting work-related tuition are complicated and onerous"? This same line could be said of a great deal of the ever-expanding, ever-changing tax code. Even tax preparers and accountants have difficulty keeping track of what is allowed. It has taken her about 3 years of persistent battling to get her $14,000+ deduction. She indicates that she had faced many bullies through this process saying of the judge, "But he wasn't a bully. I had met with the bullies before." Do we really want a tax system with bullying as a major component?

I think we would be much better off with the Fair Tax. Or I would even be in favor of a flat tax over the current system.

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