Monday, February 8, 2010

Many Governments

American Vision has an interesting post today about the many governments. It is worth a read. Here are a couple of quotes to whet your appetite.

To deny the validity of the many governments and the responsibili­ties that each has under God, would be to deny the authority that belongs to each of them in the realm of their activity. If we as individuals neglect our personal governing duties, then we can expect the state to assume the role of all other legitimate governments and claim to be the sole gov­ernment, while labeling all others as counterfeits. Therefore, to see the state as the only governing institution “is destructive of liberty and of life.”

Institutions and civil governments are made up of people who are governed by the condition of their hearts. If the heart is in rebellion against God, we can expect undisciplined and ungovern­able people. If the heart has been made new in Christ, we can expect a people who will govern their lives according to the governing principles of Scripture.

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