Friday, April 16, 2010


My husband recently sent me this article about a new book published by Heritage Foundation. The book is One Nation Under Arrest. It is a book about how our federal government has so many laws (about 4,000) and regulations (over 300,000) that almost anyone could be a criminal and not even know it. This is especially true when you add the state and local laws to the pile. The video below gives two examples of this.

In light of this, I recommend that you watch this video by a law professor about why you should always exercise your 5th amendment right to stay silent if ever questioned by the police (even if you are innocent).

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Anonymous said...

If we're to remain a free society, we need to stop the knee-jerk criminalization of things we don't like. All it takes is one high-profile case of someone doing something horrible, but not criminal. The public is furious that they can't be brought to justice, and legislatures, fearing for their re-election chances, pass asinine laws as a response: