Thursday, September 2, 2010

Homeschool Co-op

Yesterday was the first day of our homeschool co-op. It meets once a week for 5 hours not including lunch. I am teaching High School World Geography to 8 young adults 1st hour. I think it is going to be a lot of fun. I am a "floater" 2nd hour. That means that I am assigned each week to a class that needs extra helpers. This week I was in junior high drama which was very funny. 3rd and 4th hour I am grading junior high biology. One of the answers was pretty funny. The question was something asking about what are the people that participate in an experiment called. The kid wrote, "I believe the word is 'volunteers'." All of the graders got a chuckle out of that. 5th hour I am with my daughter in a drawing/handwriting class for K/1st. She is pretty upset about this because she wanted to do the whole day like a big girl by herself.

The kids had a great time and are excited to go back next week. My 1st grade daughter is taking gym games, exploring music, under the sea, art, and the draw write now class. My 3rd grade son is taking gym games with sister, bodies and bones, ancient civilizations, Real Science for Kids pre-level 1 chemistry, and beginning chess.

It is a nice splash of spice to our homeschool week. It gives us all a chance to pursue things that we would otherwise not get the opportunity to do.


Karen said...

I love co-op classes and field trips! Like you said, they add a splash of something different in the routine of things, and sometimes the topics can be very interesting.

Applied Christianity said...


I would love to hear about your homeschool experiences. You should start a blog!

Scott said...

Our co-op recently started back up as well. Exciting time for the kids as they get back together with some friends, take on some new goals, etc. Hope you all have a great year.

Applied Christianity said...

Is your co-op one day a week as well? I am curious to know how others are run.

Scott said...

Sorry it took me awhile to answer this question. Actually, we meet only once every other week for three hours. During those three hours there are various classes to choose from. On the alternating weeks, we meet during the same time period for field trips or just fun days at the park, etc.