Saturday, May 28, 2011

Unlikely Suitor by Nancy Moser

I really enjoyed Unlikely Suitor by Nancy Moser.  From the moment I got my review copy from Bethany House yesterday, I couldn’t put it down. 

Before I go on, I really encourage you not to read the back cover.  It gives too much away.  I think you will enjoy the book much more if you just let the story unfold without being really sure of where it is going.  I will attempt to not give too much away either in this review.

This book gives the reader an excellent glimpse into New York City and environs during the late 1800’s.  It takes you from the lowly seamstress to the upper crust in Newport.  The author shows that despite one’s social station there are common threads running through all humanity.  She shows the need to rely on God and yet take the opportunities he gives us. 

This book is very well written and well researched.  There are even fashion plates in the back that fit the descriptions in the book. 

The characters draw you in and make you want to know more about them.  Each brings something to the story.  The epilogue was especially gratifying with a good amount of closure.

 I recommend it to anyone who enjoys Christian historical fiction.  5 stars

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