Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Intolerance of Kids

I heard recently on TV that Americans spend more time grooming that caring for kids.  Now as a homeschooling mom of 2 with a tiny sliver of my day given to grooming, that came as a surprise to me.  But really it shouldn't have.  With day cares and schools, fewer and fewer grown-ups are raising the fewer and fewer kids we are having.  Maybe that is why there is a growing amount of intolerance for kids in trendy society.

Instead of promoting family and kids, the trend seems to be to ban them.  Here are some examples:

McDain's restaurant banned kids under six in PA.

Some people want to ban babies from planes (or at least business class).

People are calling it "brat bans" and it may be the next big deal for vacation destinations.

At at least one movie theater, kids under six are no longer welcome except on "baby days".

Now I have been the parent with a melt-down kid and I have been the childless adult annoyed that a parent was allowing a tantrum in a theater.  But it still saddens me to read these things. 

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