Monday, September 5, 2011

Vigilante Left Me with a Heavy Feeling

The book Vigilante written by Robin Parrish reminded me something of a Christian batman.  I received this book from Bethany House for review.  I picked it because I generally like action books, super heroes, and don't mind a little violence.  So I thought I would love this book.  Yet as I finished the book, I just felt heavy.  Not sad, mind you.  Just weighed down. 

Maybe that is the point of the book.  Maybe it is supposed to make you think about heavy topics like when is violence as a Christian appropriate.  Maybe Robin Parrish wants the reader to consider the depths to which humanity can sink and ponder what to do about it.  But I read fiction for enjoyment.  I read for fun.  I did not find this book fun to read. 

Even though I didn't really end up liking this book, it will likely appeal to many.  It was well written.  The characters are solid.  And certainly the premise is not boring.  So I ended up giving it three stars. 

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