Wednesday, February 27, 2008

McCain-Feingold May Bite McCain in the Butt

Hat tip to for pointing this out. Read the whole thing here.

Assuming that it’s legal for Senator McCain to break his agreement with the FEC without permission (which it’s not), the man has two difficult choices. First, he can stay on the Ohio and Deleware ballots and probably win most of those delegates but be required to stay within the spending restraints set up by the FEC. Or, Senator McCain can hand those delegates over to Huckabee and hope to lock up the nomination further down the road.

If McCain loses both Texas and Ohio, he faces a serious risk of losing the nomination. If McCain wins at least Ohio, he’ll be more likely to lock up the nomination still, but he will be limited to spending about $50 million dollars between now and the GOP convention in September, which the party ironically moved back a month because they thought it would give them an edge in November.

Odds are, of course, John McCain will continue to violate Campaign Financing laws, some of which he wrote when he pushed McCain-Feingold. He’ll be on the Ohio Ballot and he’ll break his legal spending agreements because he figures he’s above the law.

Democrats really don’t care if he’s on the ballot or not. Their interest is in keeping McCain’s spending at a minimum by forcing him legally to comply to spending caps of the FEC.
Howard Dean and dozens of liberal lawyers are already hard at work seeing to it that McCain obeys the law.

Since the Huckabee campaign is trying to bury this, the only chance for justice will come from the Democratic Party. They’ve already put McCain’s application on their website. Click here to view it.

Page 6 explains that McCain’s name is on the ballot because he was accepting matching funds.

I personally hope the take McCain's name off of the Ohio ballot. I usually don't agree with the Dems., but here I am glad they are following up on this.

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