Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Can the US Do This Too?

This is an older article from, but in light of the presidential forcast in this country I thought it appropriate. Here is a quote.

Croatia has experienced a very dramatic drop in the abortion rate from 1989 when the nation's 51,289 abortions were nearly equal to the number of live births. The latest statistics, from 2005, indicate there were 4,563 abortions - a drop of nearly 90% since 1989. Significantly the law on abortion has not changed.

The main reason for the change of hearts and minds on abortion in the country has been the strength of the leadership of the Catholic hierarchy according to pro-life activists and others familiar with Croatia.

What if church leaders here had the same strength to take a stand? Could we put Planned Parenthood out of business for lack of customers without a change in the law?

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