Sunday, March 9, 2008

Punishment of Patriotic Teen

A teen in PA has been given detention for "promoting violation of the law and acts of violence" for wearing a t-shirt with a picture similar to the one below in honor of his uncle currently serving in Iraq. The t-shirt had additonal graphics that made it clear the shirt was talking about the men/women of our armed forces. His parents are suing. See the WorldNetDaily article for the details.

OK. Has the school district forgotten that all wars involved acts of violence? And since when is a supporting a war where our troops in harms way "promoting violation of law"? I think this is one of those times that people believe that inanimate objects can be evil. Many objects can be used for evil (knives, spraypaint, baseball bats, the internet, etc.). That does not mean that the objects themselves are evil. Guns are the same way. The people that objected to the PA teen's shirt would probably object to this one from After all, anything with a gun picture on it must be evil. (Insert eye roll here.)

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