Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Interesting Children's Book

There is an interesting book review on WorldNetDaily about a new children's book.

"Joey Gonzalez, Great American" by Tony Robles is the story of a young Hispanic-American boy who is proud to be an American – who wants to be a great American. He doesn't want any special treatment. He doesn't want any special favors. He just wants to work hard toward his goal and believes he can achieve it.

But, in school he is given other messages. He is told that he is different. He is encouraged to believe he needs special treatment – and that is it good for him to accept it.

It reminds me of my first college roommate. She was Hispanic, but she would get mad because so many of her teachers encouraged her to try for the Hispanic scholarships. The teachers said they were easier. She, on the other hand, said that she could compete with whites just fine without "handouts" (as she called it).

Anyway, if any of you have read the book. I would be interested to here oppinions.

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