Saturday, March 29, 2008

Senatorial District Convention

I went to the Texas Senatorial District 12 Convention yesterday. It was one of the most boring things ever. But I thought you might like a summary anyway. It took 4 hours to get 53 people through the credentials process. These were people who were eligible, but their precinct captain was new and didn't fill out the form properly. Anyway, since the rules do not allow for moving forward until the credentials are finished we listened to campaign speeches, ate the free breakfast, said the pledge, etc. Then when we finally got to what I hoped was the "good" part, I was so disappointed. It seemed that many things had already been decided in committees. The group at large voted on them and there could be questions, but it seemed more like a formality.

The local and state Republicans have done a great job (except the Governor). I will certainly vote for many of the local officials because I actually like what they stand for and have done. But all the rah-rah speeches are not going to get me to vote for John McCain.

Our precinct convention introduced a resolution stating that all candidates should be held to the platform. The committee in charge of resolutions ditched it. It makes the platform useless if the candidate will not agree to uphold it. It seems pretty spineless to not mandate that candidates agree to the platform. If they can't they should run as an independent or a Democrat.

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Matt said...

Sorry you had to sit through that:)

I disagree about John McCain. While I don't agree with him on a lot of things, I believe that he is a good man. Unlike Barack Obama, and our liberal friends, John McCain actually believes in America and has proven that he will fight for our freedom. Please, I implore you to learn from Florida in 2000. EVERY vote counts. In this day and age, the stakes are TOO high to sit out on this one.

Here's a link to an awesome video.