Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bravo, Gov. Jindal and LA State Legislators.

As I said a few posts ago, "Gov. Jindal has guts." He has signed a law allowing academic freedom in science fields in LA public schools. It was strongly supported by the legislature. Here is a quote from the LifeSiteNews article.

Louisiana public school teachers can now educate their students about the theory of intelligent design and scientific criticisms of Darwinian evolutionary theory thanks to a new law signed this week by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. The Louisiana Science Education Act now allows teachers to supplement the state's curricula with additional scientific materials, but groups opposed to any debate over the "origin of the species" have warned that the new law will become the origin of the lawsuits if they believe it facilitates religion.

Lawmakers, however, were enthusiastically in favor of the Act signed by Jindal. The state Senate had passed the bill (SB733) with a unanimous vote, and the state House had approved it by a vote of 93-4.

Jindal, a Catholic with a biology degree, indicated his own affirmation of the bill in a statement saying: "I will continue to consistently support the ability of school boards and BESE to make the best decisions to ensure a quality education for our children."


Anonymous said...

There is no jubilation among those in Louisiana seeking improved economic development and progress. This bill is a giant step backwards and is embarrassing. Fortunately the courts will scrub this nonsense away soon enough.

Applied Christianity said...


I disagree. If LA can become a place of increased freedom, I think it will attract people.

It is sad to me that you are looking forward to the vote of a few judges counting more than the vote of the elected legislators.

Matt said...

Absoulutely. The support of people like this are the reason why our system of checks and balances is being undermined by the federal judiciary.

Karen said...

I read another article about this that pointed out parameters stated within this new law. It may not be used for religious indoctrination but to present scientific arguments that scientists themselves have when debating theories such as Darwinism. Teachers must continue to follow the school's curriculum and materials used must still be school board approved. It is really an affirmation of academic freedom and critical thinking. I don't see how anyone could be upset about this law unless they believe that children should only be taught one viewpoint and all others should be censored. Scientists are not in unanimous agreement about our origins or other scientific theories. Let the students hear what scientists are really saying, in arguments of science not religion. That is what this law will do.

Applied Christianity said...

I think that you are absolutely right. The only reason someone would dislike this law is if they approve of censorship in science (and possibly other academic fields.)