Sunday, June 22, 2008


While I don't like McDonald's because of their decision to place an executive on the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, I decided to post about them anyway. Yahoo News reports:
A Virginia man lost about 80 pounds in six months by eating nearly every meal at McDonald's. Not Big Macs, french fries and chocolate shakes. Mostly salads, wraps and apple dippers without the caramel sauce.

I want to point out that restaurants are not responsible for the weight issues of others. Most often obesity is caused by the person making poor choices. I know that there are exceptions, but they are the exceptions not the rule. I get tired of the liberals out there touting the idea of a fat tax.

What this country needs is more personal responsibility not less of it! God gave you a brain and a conscience. It is up to you to use them. Of course, He also gave you free will so you don't have to use them. But generally there are consequences if you don't.

Every adult knows that it is a poor health choice to eat a bunch of sugary and fatty foods. If you choose to do it anyway, that is your choice. No one forced it upon you.

I would also like to take this opportunity to point out that the government is willing to take control of any sector we allow it to. It started out seemingly benign.
1830's- education (formerly in the hands of parents)
1930's-the poor (formerly in the hands of the church/individuals/families/labor)
1954- the church (formerly free of government controls until LBJ offered them a contract with the government called a 501(c)3.)
Today- the family, children, your food, etc., etc.
When are we going to yell, "Stop! You can go no further."


Anonymous said...

Amen!!! I am weary of everything being someone else's fault. As a public health professional, I saw the system everyday taking responsibility away from individuals and giving them license to blame something or someone else. "It's not your responsibility that you're pregnant"; "It's not your fault that you smoke three packs of cigarettes a day"; "It's not your fault that you're fat".

I am most unpopular in the world of Public Health, because they refer to me as a "victim blamer" ... meaning I think people should take responsibility for themselves.

Great post. Thanks.

Applied Christianity said...

Thanks, OneMom.

It takes guts to be unpopular. Thanks for standing out.